FINLAY Fights Through her Adversities to Become a Pop-Music Sensation

People complain about their lives all the time. Some people are not satisfied with their job, while some are not happy with their love life. There are people who do not want to settle for less, and then there are people who compare their lives to others. The world needs to understand that life is simply not perfect. While some people struggle with their finances, others are dealing with severe illnesses and family problems. In short, we’re all going through something.

Life is unpredictable, filled with innumerable and unexpected twists and turns. The unpredictability of life is what makes it beautiful. People need to accept that adversities are part of life, and they cannot escape it. Adversities will come into their lives, regardless of race, religion, profession, or color. The best approach here is to stay resilient and fight through it. Many individuals fail to acknowledge the fact that adversities in life are not merely a setback but an opportunity for growth. In many cases, problems in life help one embrace his or her true identity and prepare them for ultimate success. 

Accepting adversities and fighting back is the perfect way to embrace the beauty of life. Those who stand at the front line in every sector have all fought through personal times of trial to be where they are today. These people are warriors and a true inspiration to the world. One such individual that helps the world understand this concept of finding a true path to turn dreams into reality by pushing past adversity is emerging pop-music sensation, FINLAY. She is a true warrior who has used her life-changing experience for her benefit. She came face-to-face with a life-threatening incident, and she used it to return stronger and become more determined than she was before the incident. 

A Life-Altering Experience Turns into a Key Motivator 

Pop music rising star and recording artist, Paige Finlay Yim, was born April 3, 1991, in Houston, Texas. She grew up in a multi-ethnic southern community, which helped her develop a passion for becoming a part of the entertainment industry. Her dream was to become a chart-topping recording artist in the music industry. She had been a part of many performances in her childhood. It was during her teens that she was introduced to and fell in love with pop music. Her dreams and passion received the full support of her parents, which set the foundation for her permanent move to Los Angeles, California to study film and media production in 2009. After completing her undergraduate education, Paige set foot in the professional sector and appeared as an actress on teen television shows in Los Angeles. In addition to entertainment, she was fond of surfing and was a die-hard fan of the World Surf League. She loved the ocean and especially surf culture, which has served as an inspiration in her writing. 

In the summer of 2012, things were about to change. She went on a trip to the Gulf of Mexico, and there, she came face to face with a near-deadly shark attack. It was a difficult phase in her life. Adversity struck her when she was gaining momentum at the starting precipice in her career. It was already a challenging situation for her, and things went downhill when the doctor said there was only a 50% chance of keeping her left leg. Thoughts about performing in front of an audience without one leg or with a prosthetic leg were frightening to her. However, at that very moment, she realized that her dream was in front of her, and she couldn’t give up. She discovered a deeper love and appreciation for music and her potential as an artist, and she decided to continue pursuing this dream after her nightmare was over. This sudden realization helped her recover much quicker than the doctors originally anticipated, and in just one week, she was discharged from the hospital. 

Starting Her Career in The Music Industry

Young FINLAY came face-to-face with her lifelong aspiration to become a professional singer and songwriter after she was caught in a life-threatening accident. Soon after she was healthy and well, she took the plunge and stepped foot into the mainstream music industry. Just a few years after the shark-attack, she released her debut single, TIDES.” The song hit the market on March 3, 2017. Her debut single received an overwhelmingly positive response from all across the globe. She was featured in NPR Musics annual 100 Artists to Discover at SXSW program, where NPRs Stephen Thompson referred to her sound as fizzily insistent pop brim[ming] over with a sense of joy worthy of Carly Rae Jepsen.” The single was about her survivor tale through which FINLAY aimed to spread a strong message about breaking free through personal fear. Atwood Magazine called her song, TIDES, an inspiring tale of a survivor…[an] intoxicating celebration of life.” It set her career on track, adopting her stage name, FINLAY, stylized in all caps; pronounced /ˈfɪnli/). The stage name she opted for means small blonde soldier” in Gaelic and is her given middle name.

FINLAY was featured as a vocalist and writer on the 2018 EDM track Memories” by artist/producer, NATIIVE, garnering over 15 million streams to date. It turned out to be a major professional booster for her. Some of her other singles include; lovesick,” released in 2018, edge of mine,” and deep end,” released in 2019, and bones,” released in February of 2020. In 2019, FINLAY teamed up with producer and collaborator, Chris G. Wright, professionally known as NATIIVE, to create her debut EP, edge of mine.” She recently released her debut EP on April 22, 2020, consisting of five tracks and additional iterative releases.  2021 has seen a surprise EP release entitled “Reset,” with the namesake single peaking at No. 24 on the Apple Music Pop Charts in Canada, and well within in the top 100 in several other countries. 

FINLAY is an emerging artist and sensation in Pop Music. She survived a shark attack, came out much stronger, and ultimately became one of Music’s brightest rising stars. FINLAY is synonymous with the term warrior” because she fought through her fears and came out strong, passionate, and determined. This pop-music sensation is an inspiration for the world and an example that no adversity in life is significant enough to stop one from finding their true path to destiny.