Gigi Vega is Seamlessly Exploring Multiple Niches in the Entertainment World

The entertainment world is seeing a big boom in its popularity like never before. One of the reasons for it is the introduction of many young & talented artists. Gigi Vega is one such name on the list of emerging entertainers. 

In a limited time, she has left a strong mark with her entertaining ability in multiple niches in the entertainment industry. Gigi Vega is making her name as a singer, songwriter, stage performer, and youth influencer. It is her positive personality that pushes her to fearlessly explore new domains in the entertainment world. 

Born in Boston, Gigi Vega inclined towards the entertainment industry during her growing years. She started performing on stage in theatre very early and she began writing music at 12 under the guidance of her father, a jazz musician. 

Besides, she also got into modern and hip hop dance during her youth years. She got her training at the prestigious Jeanette Neil Dance Studios and Broadway Dance Center. Gigi Vega was a part of the ABC Hallmark TV movie, The Makeover, filmed in Boston. 

She also made it into the audition of the film, “Manchester by the Sea”. At present, she has been a part of the holiday 2021 movie, The Drone that Saved Christmas. Gigi Vega is also a nurtured musical talent as she possesses expertise in pop and hip-hop music. 

Recently, the entertainer released her new pop single, “Watchu Tryna Do?”. The song has reached #50 on the Top 40 Radio Charts and #26 on the R&B iTunes Charts. Her first song was “Mistletoe Kiss” which got released on Christmas 2020. 

Her debut single received a great response and it rose to #3 on the iTunes Dance Charts, rested at #27 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary (AC) Charts, and top 30 on the Radio Charts. Clearly, Gigi Vega is achieving big milestones in multiple niches of the entertainment arena. 

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