Hard drive Degaussing just got Faster with the new DataGone LG Plus from Verity Systems

Verity Systems’ hard drive degaussing tool, DataGone LG Plus, has made data erasing process very fast and secure. Especially big businesses are taking benefits of DataGone LG Plus’s service. Verity Systems has powered it with 13,000 glass fields to handle more than 300 hard drives in an hour. It takes 9-second cycles to erase the data of a hard drive. This tool has become a number one choice of companies after GDPR of every country has brought changes regarding data protection.

The DataGone LG Plus has pulse technology that contains unique log software to provide a reporting tool. Its erasure log software records all operating and degaussing information that can be saved and printed. Further this information is passed through reporting and auditing process to let media be erased with an automatically printed self-adhesive label. Hard drive data protection is very essential in the present time. Hackers can even retrieve your empty hard drive to get previous data. Verity Systems’ automatic HDD degausser and destroyer tool magnetically wipes out the previous data and break the hard drive into small pieces.

Verity Systems is certified by NATO and NSA, and it is one of the leading manufacturers of hard drive degaussers and destroyers. The company is working with many global brands including government agencies and the new DataGone LG Plus is proving a big tool to make its business bigger. The company is earning a great revenue from this tool while erasing or destroying the data of someone else.