Health and Wellness – The Lifestyle Worth Taking

A picture having mental health notes

Remember how all of us made New Year resolutions to improve our lifestyles? With those resolutions, we set unrealistic goals disregarding our limitations. While having specific health and wellness goals in mind is good, people often take extreme measures to accomplish them. But there’s one element that people often forget; taking care of their mental health.

Imagine that you’re trying your newest workout or an effective fad diet that ends up exhausting you, both mentally and physically. The key here is to understand that although we may have the luxury of health insurance next to our names, mental wellness requires much more. Experts suggest that a disturbed mental state can prove detrimental to one’s physical health. To improve our physical and psychological health, we must adopt a healthy, all-encompassing lifestyle. Health and wellness are essential for a happier and more meaningful life.

Difference Between Health and Wellness 

People often use health and wellness interchangeably without realizing they are completely different terms. In simpler terms, the difference between both concepts is that health is the goal, and wellness is the process to achieve that. 

Over the years, several researches have been conducted to articulate how we perceive health and wellness. It’s a dynamic process that comprises consistent change and growth. In retrospect, it’s a perfect balance between mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. It exhibits the lifestyle you adopt in your daily life. However, the optimal way of wellness is crucial for long and healthy life; since it affects your emotions and people. 

Learning about Wellness

In the book, Breakthroughs: Stories, Poems, and More to Heal and Find Your Higher Self Through It All, Anupa Rao shares beautiful short stories to help readers understand the importance of mental health and wellness in a positive yet humorous manner. She looks to inspire others by her own experiences and help them embark on a healthy lifestyle and more fulfilling life. 

We discussed that wellness primarily means being in good physical and mental health. But keep in mind that the impact of our mental health will affect other domains of our lives too. Still, we must understand that there are different dimensions to the wide-ranging concept. Therefore, it becomes easy to adopt optimum health plans with them in your grasp. 

Emotional Wellness 

Our emotional stability is the most crucial aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Emotional wellness encapsulates the capability to navigate feelings and share them with others. You may find that it’s hard since you will face a lot of ups and downs in your life. However, those situations are fellow travelers in your emotional voyage that help you mature.

Social Wellness 

Humans are biologically inclined to seek connection and validation in relationships. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that we must maintain a safe distance from others to ensure wellness. Remember to develop encouraging and intimate relationships with people to enhance your overall emotional stability with this dimension of wellness. 


The discussion around health and wellness has been conducted for several years now. However, we have to agree that both health and wellness work go hand in hand to give us the lifestyle we deserve. All we have to do is monitor and work on various dimensions of wellness and have the open-mindedness to lead a healthy life.

As an advocate of mental health, Anupa Rao aspires to help those who are having trouble to become the best version of themselves. With her exciting short stories and expressive poetry, she invites her readers to rediscover themselves for a better tomorrow. She uses her personal experience to help others through the journey of self-love and self-awareness.

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