How Ara Torosian employs the power of music to spread God’s word

“Some people have lives; some people have music.”
― John Green

An individual needs to be inspired, and God is the one who provides purpose and value. As a person decides to be inspired, they begin to assist others in finding their strong point. When people have the ability to spread joy with music through songs of worship, they begin to get sensible and exercise humility. One such individual is Pastor Ara Torosian, a public speaker who is also an executive producer in music. Today’s music is about drugs, alcohol, fear, and broken relationships, yet Torosian wants to help musicians create art filled with love, faith, and hope which is visually appealing. Torosian is a pastor and follower of Jesus and wants to spread the meaningful message of God for people inside and outside of Iran. Born in an Armenian-Iranian family in January 1979 in Tehran, Iran, Torosian grew up through a war that lasted eight years.

How inspiration came through

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya Angelou

Torosian’s mother was an elementary school teacher, and from a young age, Torosian observed how his mother showed kindness and consideration to the children in despair. Torosian understood that it is essential to give time to those who are in turmoil. It is adequate to share the agony, as everyone in dismay should find peace. At the age of 15, Torosian wanted to pursue soccer for a living and joined a team, yet soon he was severely bruised due to an accident. Torosian thought that his vision for his future was completely crushed when he stumbled across Farsi Bible, prohibited in Iran. When a person chooses to see the world from a different angle, they will recognize that there are many prospects that they can learn from. When Torosian read the Farsi Bible, he understood that his queries concerning life’s meaning and God’s presence were addressed perfectly.

As Torosian went through the Bible, he observed that he was feeling blissful. Torosian would frequently wonder whether the constraints to be in a war-torn country could ever be lifted. Torosian aims to bring light to the word of God through music and give courage to others and inspire them to have faith in Him. Torosian is a YouTuber who has released one album and over 14 high-quality Farsi Christian music video projects recognized by various Iranian TV channels and media outlets. Torosian wants to shed light on God’s message through music to encourage those in dismay and inspire them. Torosian has been giving hope to young and forgotten artists to recognize their purpose and commence with new energy.

Working for God

“The great thing to remember is that though our feelings come and go, God’s love for us does not.”
― C.S. Lewis

By teaming up with various Iranian and international pop stars and artists, Torosian wants to shed light on endorsing love through music. Torosian is a philanthropist who has commenced churches worldwide and began his first Christian NGO in Iran to work in disaster relief. Torosian volunteered his time for the 2001 earthquake in Gujarat, India, working and serving for three months. Also, Torosian has served and helped with the earthquake in Bam, Iran, in 2003.  as a coordinator for American disaster relief. Torosian has raised his voice on behalf of persecuted Christians by speaking at multiple conferences and organizations. Torosian got married to his wife, Anet, in 2005 and in December 2009. Torosian and his wife reached the Los Angeles airport as refugees with the vigor to start fresh. Torosian is now the first Iranian-Armenian-American generation and wants to leave a legacy for his children to inspire them and teach them to appreciate their freedom. Torosian wants his children to remember that they should not take their freedom for granted and remain humble and kind. Torosian wants his children to believe in the future and never stop dreaming as they grow up in the US.

Previously, Torosian was in Turkey in 2002, where he found a talented 16-year-old refugee boy who sang about worship and God. Torosian decided to produce an album for him. Even though finding musicians, studios, and making CDs was difficult, Torosian managed it and began his journey as an executive producer. Torosian departed to England from Iran when he turned 18 and finished high school to become a pastor. Many individuals questioned Torosian’s competence and presumed that he would fail the program in bible school, yet Torosian persisted and remained resolute. When Torosian arrived in LA with his wife, he understood that he had lived in multiple countries previously and had to commence again, but he was hopeful. Torosian’s dreams were turning into reality, and he kept improving himself through different means.

Staying resilient

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”
― Steve Maraboli

With a lot of bravery and optimism, in 2016, Torosian put his first video on YouTube online with the faith that it had to do well and be recognized. Torosian was steadily putting up videos, and after being consistent, a YouTube video about the challenges of the displaced in Los Angeles got a lot of traction. From that moment, Torosian’s YouTube career began. In 2011, Torosian’s first child, Emily, was born, and he started a kid’s channel, which also got appreciated and has over 15,000 subscribers. In 2016, Torosian’s son Evan was born, who also takes part in the YouTube kid’s channel. In 2018, Torosian became a full-time pastor at Cornerstone West Los Angeles. When a person undergoes all the worldly challenges, such as conflicts, mishaps, and accidents, they are inclined to exercise strength in all the phases of their life.

There are occasions when an individual feels inept, yet when they decide to help others, the solitude is blissful. There are moments when an individual has to go through challenges constantly, yet it is crucial to have faith in God and believe in His plan. It is necessary to trust God as He is the one who justly looks after his people and wants them to feel harmony. When people have seen different predicaments throughout their lives, they will find ways to assist those around them who require support. Torosian has been untiringly dedicated to his vision and has been a source of motivation for all those who have gone through challenges.