How Can Musicians Financially Secure Their Future: As Fabrejay Sees It

Jeffrey Santana, who goes by his stage name of Fabrejay, is currently recognized as one of the most talented DJs and producers.

(June 2, 2020) — Jeffrey Santana, who goes by his stage name of Fabrejay, is currently recognized as one of the most talented DJs and producers as his sets are played during the best parties, premiers and red carpet events, major league franchises and everything in between. Coming from a musical family, he was surrounded by music all of the time so it would be fair to say that music runs through his genes. The NYC based artist began exploring the musical world at the tender age of 8 and he is currently the official DJ of Jay-Z’S 40/40 Club in New York City.

It is a common view that the life of a famous musician is all dolce vita, and a steady flow of money to pay for everything. While this is true for some, there are also those who have reached the Uber fame, only to lose it all in a heartbeat. This is where the question arises – How can musicians financially secure their future? And the one term that comes to mind is ‘Risk Diversification’. Making a life only from music means that you do not have a lot of job security and you will have to juggle multiple roles and create multiple revenue streams in order to have a stable financial structure even amid unfavorable situations such as current Covid-19 pandemic.

Musicians have plenty of options for making money. Fabrejay believes in:

‘Having a clear vision of what you want, taking an initiative and then treating it like a marathon’

So, select a revenue stream that aligns best with your abilities and skillsets, make a plan, and start working.

Launch a music group

According to Fabrejay, launching a music group will not only bridge the gap between the music industry and the fresh talent, but it can also help you combine your musical skills with your entrepreneurial abilities. You can work with other like-minded musicians while targeting a larger audience and this is exactly what the DJ is planning to do himself: Launching his own “Kure Music Group”. He will be collaborating with other talented people to bring you quality music from different genres, very soon!

Venture out into a music streaming service

Can you recall a time when you had to download all your favorite songs on your phone? No? Neither can we! Fabrejay also shares the same view that streaming has been the ‘normal’ for how people listen to music for a long time now, and it is here to stay. These streaming services offer fans instant and limitless access to music from all over the world. Even when other businesses have gone down during the current economic crisis, the revenue from these services has only gone up.

Harnessing social media for online promotions

When it comes to promoting your music nationally or internationally, social media is your best friend. We are living in a time where almost 2.95 billion people use social media globally, and this number is expected to hike in the coming decade. What’s a better value-for-money option to reach out to so many people and make a brand name? Fabrejay connects with his fans on different social media platforms at his handle @Fabrejay.

There’s yet another better option: Choose either one of the first two options, combine it with the third one and you can have it all! You can do what you love and make money while targeting the largest possible audience.