IIMSAM strategic partner Hare Krishna Organization pays dividend via “Food for Life Programme’

Hare Krishna Organization, one of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations within numerous centers in over 60 countries, joined hands with IIMSAM, the Inter-Governmental Institution for the use of Micro-algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition, ‘Food for life program’ in support of the IIMSAM Sh. Zayed free spirulina distribution center. In Kisumu, Kenya.

The IIMSAM Sh. Zayed free Spirulina distribution center, which was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is re-opened recently for ordinary peoples in need and the acute- malnourished victims. The government eased after the lockdown norms in mid-June. The Center has been serving to its maximum capacity of 600-700 beneficiaries daily.

Hare Krishna organization, which has more than 60 centers in the US, has been paying dividends through concrete deeds in a synergy of cooperation with the IIMSAM Sh. Zayed Distribution Center. The COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed the normal life and displaced thousands of people in Kenya, which has made it extremely difficult and has created food shortages. Disadvantaged people are facing challenging times due to the scarcity of food. In such a situation, the strategic partnership between Hare Krishna and IIMSAM it’s exceptionally imperative.

IIMSAM Secretary General. Remigio Maradona, in his statement, said, “On behalf of the IIMSAM and our  Sr. Field Director Mr. Fredrick Lwamba and Ms. Grace A. Nyalal Sr. Fiscal Affairs and all the volunteers who assist at the center. I also want to express my sincere gratitude for Mr. Balkrishna DasMr. Suresh Saroja and his wife Ms. Saroja of the Hare Krishna organization for their unprecedented scale of humanitarian aid through the FFL Program to all our spirulina recipients and others in need to our Center is remarkable. It reaffirms my belief that when we work together, amazing things happen.”

He further added, “Thus, a demonstration with concrete deeds is in line with the Hare Krishna’s initiative in supporting the needy and the disadvantaged members of the society through their food for life program globally and above all rendering in-discriminative services to all. Thus a demonstration with concrete deeds in line with IIMSAM’s humanitarian initiatives in the fight to eradicate malnutrition globally using spirulina superfood hence ensured a quality life for everybody globally.”