Insights Into The Life And Success Of Gaston Rossato, The Founder of Barn Miami

Miami’s car scene is one of the biggest and the most happening ones in the state. In the heart of South Beach, you will find a large share of Lamborghinis and Bentleys, etc. Some of the biggest car rental companies have set up shop in front of many hotels, viewing and photo ops at no cost! One of the ‘new kids on the block’ in Miami is The Barn Miami – despite being in the car business for only fifteen years, their millennial approach to this outdated industry. The Barn Miami is one of the few auto boutiques dealing with specialty vehicles ranging from antique to exotic. 

Run by Gaston Rossato, a car enthusiast dedicated to reforming the auto industry, The Barn Miami has one of the best youtube car channels with almost ten thousand followers with content that engages with the audience and provides a closer look at the cars and their specs. 

What started as a side business for Gaston Rossato while he worked as a claims adjuster, is now one of the hottest in Miami’s car scene. What sets The Barn Miami apart is that its store is online – making it accessible not just physically, but by anyone with an internet connection. Gaston buys cars online, markets them better, and sells them for a profit. It doesn’t just take one innovative idea to make a business successful; according to Gaston, it takes hours upon hours of work and dedication to get a business up and running. But he has the advantage of doing what he loves, and success comes relatively easy when you do what you love!

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