Life Lessons From an Instagram Entrepreneur: The Story of Anil Dobani

Instagram is one of the most bustling social media platforms in the world today. Business of Apps notes that the social media site has played an integral part in 21st-century pop culture, since it’s the source of the term “influencer.” Today, Instagram influencers are responsible for a lot of web traffic (and sales) to small and large businesses alike. What’s more, it’s made popularity valuable and allowed even individuals who don’t have links in established entertainment to get a start. However, more than that, it’s offered entrepreneurs a chance to explore their passions and earn from them. Anil Dobani is one such individual. Anil the Jeweler (@anilthejeweler) is his Instagram handle, and through this brand, he’s shaken up Atlanta’s jewelry industry. Here, we learn a bit from him as an influencer and Instagram business rockstar.

Meet the Customer Halfway

While Anil has been a provider of exquisite jewelry to some of the NFL and NBA’s celebrities, he also markets to a broader range of people. Many of his followers don’t have exorbitant amounts of money to spend on jewelry, but they like buying nice things. That’s why his business seeks to make it easier for them to afford breathtaking pieces. This attention to the customer’s needs is something that’s been lacking in the industry, and not just online. Forbes highlights this when they mention that authenticity is critical to a business’s success in the 21st century. Anil utilizes social media to interact with his customers, making him a genuine and approachable guy. This down-to-earth persona is the key to his success.

Don’t Quit After One Mistake

Social media is an unforgiving place, and one mistake could spell disaster. However, Anil’s mindset is that this only happens if someone lets it happen. As an entrepreneur who started by working for other companies, he explored and experimented to find what worked best online. This experimental attitude allowed him to discover the secrets behind successful Instagram marketing to help build his own follower count. Not to say he didn’t make mistakes, but he learned from those issues and grew into a more confident businessperson. When something occurs that an entrepreneur doesn’t expect, they should dissect the situation to ensure that they know how it came about. Improvement happens slowly, and it’s a slow, iterative process. If someone quits after one mistake, they have no chance to get better.

An Entrepreneur Is Not an Island

Even solo entrepreneurs like Anil have to face challenges, and one of them is isolation. As entrepreneurs start growing their businesses and dedicating hours to their success, they start losing their friends. While dedicating oneself to a cause is admirable, a business owner needs to know how to temper this passion with restraint. Taking time for socializing with friends and family allows the business owner some time to relax. Without this much-needed relaxation, an entrepreneur could endanger their health and well-being. Social connection outside of social media is as important as marketing the business on the platform.