M.Madfai Management Presents Takkat Band For The First Time In Erbil

The World Cup is the world’s most celebrated and enjoyed global competition empowered by millions of fans around the world following and rooting for their preferred teams, making it the most watched sporting event around the world. With 2022’s World Cup coming to an end, we’re looking back at some of the momentous, pivotal and key moments that took place and in reflecting upon them we feel hopeful about the future of the Arab world.

In celebration of the tournament, M.Madfai Management is proud to present to you, for the first time ever in Erbil, a performance by Takkat band. The five members of Takkat have witnessed and celebrated considerable success performing original interpretations of traditional Syrian and Arab music. The band, consisting of Safaa Jabr, Alaa Fendis, Osama Al Maghout, Nour Kaddour, and Khattar Salibi, have played all over the world. They are now bringing their message of love, respect, unity, and hope to Erbil.

M.Madfai Management has always taken part in producing outstanding events in several fields, from music, artists and comedians to festivals and international sports events! Join us, on December 18th, in the finale of Road Q22 with big smiles, great entertainment, delicious food and amazing music.

Doors open at 4:00 PM, two hours before the game begins!

For reservation, please give us a call at 07505022022.