Marco Valentinsig is the Youngest Marketer from North Italy who Manages Marketing on all Social Media Platforms

Thirty two years old, Marco Valentinsig, Gorizia born marketing manager is the youngest marketer in all of northern Italy who has created the 1st marketing office in one of the largest design companies in the luxury sector. He now lives in the northern part of Italy on the border with Slovenia. His company Beliked is formed by similar thinking creators and influencers who dislike the web agency ways mainly dealing with B2B social communication.

The advertising market of today has been saturated by web agencies, which have been providing similar services to all the clients over the years. The company Beliked was created majorly to go different than the rest. Here, Marco has tried to brind together different professionals in order to diversify the service.

Valentinsig was passionate about marketing early on; thus he started learning using the internet and participating in speech numbers in the sector.The digital marketing captured his imagination since he was 14 when he started working for the creation of online communities. He also earned a doctorate in visual communications arts gradually.

Today, the young marketer likes to work in a horizontal management system where he with his collaborators and suppliers create a communication strategy for the internal company communication. He is of the opinion that the top-down management is an old and poor performing business model that hopefully is dead.

Valentinsig says that information plays a key role in the marketing sector and regardless of the skill set one has, information is the factor that binds all the professionals together. So anyone who is capable of offering anything of value and informative to this business can flourish in it.

Currently, Tik Tok and Tripadvisor are two marketing pearls that few have understood according to his expert advice. He is the first marketer to launch a course for companies on the 2 platforms in Italy. He has worked in all social media platforms including Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Valentinsig really loves the world of tourism and wants to explore it more in the future too. He believes catering and hotels haven’t yet fully flourished. He wants to build a strong online position for these 2 sectors. He wants to go where others haven’t reached.