Meet Hacker Gautam Kumawat who is helping Hollywood & Bollywood Celebrities in securing their Hacked Account

For Gautam Kumawat, it has been a surreal journey. Never in his dreams had he imagined that he would become that much famous.

At 23, a youth from rural areas would be expected to be preparing for government jobs or vying for campus placements. But cybersecurity expert Gautam Kumawat has much bigger dreams of securing cyberspace and fighting against cyber criminals.

The young cybersecurity expert Gautam has also helped various State Police, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Ministry of Defence, INTERPOL and other law enforcement agencies in solving complex cybercrime cases, training their officials in handling cyber operations, combating cybercrimes with actionable intelligence and enhancing law enforcement capabilities.

Hackers are targeting social media accounts of celebrities to gain public attention and media exposure. Hrithik Roshan’s Facebook account in 2016, Urvashi Rautela’s Twitter account in 2017 and Shahid Kapoor’s Instagram as well as Twitter account in 2018 have been hacked. This year Shahrukh Khan’s eldest child Aryan Khan’s Facebook account, recently Demi Lovato Snapchat also got hacked. In all the above cases, Gautam Kumawat has played a key role in restoring their accounts from hackers.

There are certainly some reasons responsible for these hacks. Most of the celebrities keep the same password for all their social media handles and they even use easy to guess password.

“Apart from social media, nowadays hackers compromising on celebrity phones this is far more damaging and lucrative than public content. They try to access their private pictures and videos, most of which included intimate images. Although the full extent of the scandal will probably never be known, the evidence we do see has done enough reputational damage to many celebrities to last them a lifetime. Other potentially incriminating and financially valuable information will be traded over the black market on the darknet,and paid forums. The impact this will have may never be made public by the hackers, the celebrities, or their representatives.,” says Gautam Kumawat.

Organizations like the financial institutions to airlines pay him to break into their systems and identify vulnerabilities that criminals could exploit. He says he’s never encountered a system he couldn’t infiltrate. he also co-founded a company, Impact Millions Online in order to teach business automation & internet marketing to entrepreneurs at a global level. By his EduTech venture HackingFlix he is following his passion for teaching to enhance engineering students hacking capability, more than 35,000 people from 160 countries are taking benefit through his online courses. cybersecurity expert gautam kumawat the finest example to say that if you think you can achieve it then surely you will achieve it.