Meet Prathap David Sandai, who is Excelling in Multiple Businesses at a Young Age

Prathap David Sandai is a 20-year-old medical student at Monash University and he has established himself as a self-made millionaire by running multiple businesses & partnerships. He teaches everyone to grow their capital by investing their money in the optimal financial options.

Unable to afford the heavy cost of business courses, Prathap David Sandai embarked on his journey at 12. And he dived into the Forex trading world at the age of 15. He was always passionate about making money and hence he started learning about business & e-commerce at 12.

Prathap David Sandai gave many attempts in his entrepreneurial activities and he finally succeeded with his fifth company, Black Wolf Clothing. It is a B2B clothing solution that produces & manufactures clothes for many brands as well as companies. The millionaire is also a partner at Isarb Sdn bhd (a popular YouTuber’s brand).

In order to help people grow their capital & teach them the value of financial freedom, Prathap David Sandai has established an offshore equity holdings company, Harappan Ltd. It focuses on capital growth and allows investors to get a high return in yearly dividends on their investment.

Through Harappan Ltd, the self-made millionaire invests in flourishing companies namely Tesla, Crypto, Crispr Technologies, etc for ensuring a high return. He has knowledge of MLM, Drop Shopping, affiliate marketing, SEO, and forex trading.

The young entrepreneur asks people to invest their money wisely instead of impressing others with their wealth. Prathap David Sandai focuses on collecting funds to invest in subjects such as clean energy, water, and agriculture.

The self-made millionaire shows his success to others by producing effective results. Prathap David Sandai has produced effective results in different financial instruments. Some facts available in this context are TSLA – 3100% (6 years), BITCOIN – 12,000 (5 years), ETHEREUM – 10,600% (4 years), NIO – 3100 % (1 year), and CRISPR – 1200% (3 years).