Protesters want change in law to allow electric scooters on UK roads

Protestors demanding change in Road Traffic Act to allow the use of electric scooters on UK roads have gathered outside London’s Downing Street to protest against the act.

The campaigners, who brought their electric scooters along with them, said that the act was old-time, claiming that electric scooters extend an eco-friendly alternative over cars.

Safety concerns were elevated in the previous month when YouTuber and TV presenter Emily Hartridge passed away due to a collision while she rode an electric scooter.

As per Peter Williams, the protest organiser, it is a peaceful protest in order to raise an awareness about the old-fashioned road laws, which is decelerating the progress of the country.

Electric scooters have been categorised as Personal Light Electric Vehicles and are illegal to ride on UK public roads currently. The riders may face a penalty of £300 along with 6 points on driving license. However, many people are still unaware of these rules.

An electric scooter trial has been organised in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London despite of the UK road laws prohibiting wider rollout of e-scooter. The e-scooters were initially introduced for riding in the park last November to provide an alternative kind of transport. Now, the riders can use e-scooters legally in the park’s 560 acre area till the end of September.

The Transport Department said in a statement that the government is now considering the use of electric scooters in its regulatory review and is examining how it can be used in a safe manner on roads.