Scott Cooper Miami Fan Club Reviews For Sale By Owner

If you are into horror flicks with a lot of mystery and suspense, then For Sale by Owner may be a good fit for you. The basic synopsis of this movie centers around Will Custis, played by Scott Cooper, who works as an architect preserving and restoring historic buildings and homes. His latest project threatens to become an obsession as it offers answers to one of the nation’s oldest and eeriest mysteries. Will’s work eventually takes him to Chesapeake Bay, where he becomes intrigued by the legend and stories of Roanoke – the lost American colony, and sets out on a dark journey to learn a haunting secret.

Interesting take on a ghost story

Though the title may seem a bit strange, the film itself is a very interesting (yet traditional) ghost story. The storyline throughout the movie has the ability to hold your interest and capture your imagination. There are many moments in the film that are really inspired. Will Custis, a man who spends his time preserving and fixing historic buildings but knows little about his own past and drowns himself in work is the focal point of the film. When he gets to the home in Chesapeake Bay, he learns that the home may be linked to the legend of the lost colony and becomes consumed with its haunting. Aside from the misleading title, the film immediately draws you in. The writers have cleverly written American history with a traditional ghost story with a haunted house that worked so well that, as a viewer, you felt as though the house was a whole separate character in the story.

Acting was on point

“There have been some complaints about Scott Cooper’s performance” according to  Scott Cooper Miami Florida Fan Club , “but overall the acting was solid in this film.” Rachel Nichols (plays Will’s pregnant girlfriend) shows much more range than she was allowed to in previous film works. Tom Skerritt (Will’s father) is cast in a recognizable and fitting role that allowed him to really fit into the character. The work done by supporting actors was also well done and believable as they added to the overall story.

Rushed Ending

The only negative bit from this movie is the rushed ending that leaves you feeling as though they just wanted to finish the movie without really trying anything up. The whole movie was done so well, and the characters were very well developed, but there was no resolution at the end. As the events are finally coming together, and you wait for the final twist to lead to a great finale, the movie leaves you with nothing. The writers went for a more “spoiler free” ending, which can leave a bitter taste. However, if you can ignore the rushed ending, the rest of the movie is worth watching. The characters and set were all set very well and kept the viewer interested. This is a great film for horror film fanatics and Roanoke fiends, just be warned, the ending will not leave you completely satisfied.