Single in Chicago? 5 Dating Events of 2020 you need to know about!

We all know that Chicago is full of variety. Not only are the summer to winter seasons some of the most contrasting in all of America, but it is home to some of the biggest businesses in the world while sitting amongst hundreds of independent businesses of all kinds dotted all over it.

Such a diverse Illinois city should be full of dating opportunity. And it really is! But when it comes to modern dating, things aren’t always as easy as they should be.

From the confusion of match etiquette to the difficulty of meeting someone you connect with in a fast moving world, it can become a tricky balancing act.

We want dating methods that accelerate our experiences without losing the quality of our connections. And we want all of that within one of the most opportune cities in the world. Pretty simple, right?

But did you know that speed dating can offer a much needed dose of fun along with a variety of genuine dating prospects also?

Here are the 5 speed dating tips you need to know for successful dating in Chicago this 2020:

  1. Nurture your inner nerd. No need to search for love in a galaxy far, far away…instead, pop along to one of the most popular singles dating events in all of Chicago! Yes, seriously. The fun folks over at ‘Nerd Nite’ put on regular Star Wars themed speed dating events. Costumes are welcome, characters are a plus, and an open mind is an advantage! After all – if the rebels can blow up a death star within about ten minutes, then you can spend a few hours meeting a collective of new people at a dating night, right? If you know what that query refers to, then this is the night for you.
  2. Get those dancing feet moving. If you are interested in meeting a large and varied group of singles to raise those chances of meeting ‘the one’ then get yourself along to Chicago’s premier singles dance event! Held at the famed ‘Cubby Bear’ lounge, every 2 weeks two dance floors are filled with hopeful suitors in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. With refreshments and your first drink included in the entry price it will make for an enjoyable evening no matter the outcome. Get your best shoes on – you’re going dancing!
  3. Upgrade your dating experience with some class. Ever wondered what the super fancy hotels in town are like? Or maybe you’re tired of the same repetitive dates, in the same repetitive dinner venues or bars. Try upgrading your experience for the evening, by attending one of the numerous ‘Speed Chicago’ events held downtown. Each event is hand picked for its sense of class, offering a fabulous setting to meet a wide variety of single daters. Being somewhere that makes you feel deservedly looked after can help you come across as confidently as you’ll start to feel at one of their special events. And a little great lighting never hurts the process!
  4. Lasso in a trusted friend or two. Sometimes we all need a friend to help things along with our dating ventures. Grab the friend in your life who makes you feel the best version of yourself (you know the one) and head out for a social evening at one of Chicago’s many social venues. This style of evening might not have the template structure of a singles night, but it offers the benefit of being able to move on from anywhere (and anyone) that isn’t gelling with you. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself along the way!
  5. Swap out algorithms for musical rhythms. Raise your hand if you’re tired of dating apps and online matches that go nowhere. Thought so! You certainly aren’t alone. Change the key of how things are going by heading out to one of Chicago’s famed piano bars. If the venue isn’t inspiring itself, head along to one of the numerous organised dating events that use these venues. It’s well worth checking their upcoming calendar to enjoy the best of both. Don’t forget those glad rags – and your singing voice, if you’re brave enough!

Chicago offers daters a variety of mysterious corners to meet someone special. There are a wide variety of settings to meet the right person for you. You limited only by how much time you can devote to your romantic venture. Chicago is ready and waiting for you to make the most of what it has to offer you!

All you need now are a few strong openers for conversations with a stranger. You’ll need a handful of them if you plan on making the most of the singles dating scene. If you need to, grab a friend to practice on. You might be surprised at the difference it makes to your confidence

The most important thing to remember? Don’t forget to be the person you really are. Many daters within this special Illinois city will be glad to meet you. They just need a chance to cross paths with you, that’s all. Using these 5 pointers will have you right on your way.

We all should be able to enjoy happy, healthy dating experiences without pricey website subscriptions. We shouldn’t have to part having to part with our valuable dollars to ‘match’ with the right person. We deserve to enjoy the process  – and yes, that includes you!

Which remind me I ran into a free Chicago dating option via Free.Date which has lots of Chicago singles and costs nothing to use so it speed dating Chicago is not what you are after then check that out!

So what are you waiting for? Single daters of Chicago are ready and waiting to meet you – and they won’t wait for long!