Success of Fantoni Spa – How the Company Leveraged Social Media

Fantoni Spa is one of the widely known names in the office furniture sector. It has made some of the best selling products for office spaces and is still continuing to do so. One of the remarkable strategies used by Fantoni Spa is leveraging social media to its fullest.

The social media strategy of the company, Fantoni Spa is note worthy. It has employed a unified strategy of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to grow its market base even further. No other company in the office furniture sector has been able to make such a progress in short span of time.

Within a year and a half, Fantoni Group has become a leader of its market in today’s time, all thanks to its up to date strategies and cautious planning. The digital communication of this company is unmatchable, which has further set a benchmark for many other companies in the same sector. Here are some aspects of its social media strategy which are worth noting and following:

  • The company is putting special emphasis on digital communication. That being said, its customer centric approach even on social media is getting praises.
  • It is running several campaigns concerning the Humanization of the brand.
  • Fantoni Group is giving recognition to its employees and workforce through all the social media channels.
  • The display of its products and projects is carried out in a unique manner.
  • It connect many professionals, from architects to designers and photographers through various platforms.

Besides its strategies, the company also gives special focus to its products. It shows care for the environment through the technical characteristics of the products, which are designed to be of super quality. The circular economy is treated with utmost seriousness and depth.

And all the above strategies used by the company have made it one of the top businesses in the office furniture sector.