Tech Experts Ask People to Avoid Using Free VPNs to Protect their Privacy Online

Tech experts have expressed that internet users should not rely on free VPNs in order to protect their privacy in the online world. In a tech survey, many experts were asked about the problems related to online security the common people face in their everyday lifestyle.

While responding on this subject, they have added that people should refrain from using free VPNs to protect themselves from different viruses. According to them, the sole purpose of using a VPN service is to ensure the online security of confidential data. And if one makes use of a premium VPN service then it is an excellent way to achieve the goal of maintaining security in the online environment.

In addition to this, the tech experts have shared that free VPNs contain third-party trackers to keep an eye on the online activity of an internet user. It is found through the available data that only 28% of free VPNs are free of any third-party trackers and the rest 72% records the online activity of every internet user.

For online businesses, it is really a big concern as using free VPNs can lead to an attack on their online activity and privacy. Under such a case, the chances of a leak of confidential data increase to a great extent. Moreover, they have highlighted that using free VPNs may lead to a slow speed of the internet and hence it hampers the overall productivity in any online work.

According to them, one should look for a reliable source in order to choose out of the top 10 VPN services available online. And the use of premium VPN services should be made to keep the confidential data in a secure manner.