The Family You Need to Subscribe to in 2020

How did the YouTube channel start and why is it special to you?

[Raiden] [laughs] Well you see, it started as a premium Snapchat then we got smart and knew YouTube was the way to go. [laughing] I am joking about the premium Snapchat. We started going out, then I broke up with Ashlee a week later. We magically got back together and clicked so well. It is honestly an amazing partnership. We both have children (she has a daughter and I have a son). We both work full-time jobs and are super weird. Here is an interesting fact, we share the same birthday.

[Ashlee] I was watching the kids and have not had any adult interaction today, do not mind me if my brain is off [laughs]. One night we were making dinner and realized we are weird as hell and it was hilarious, and we think people need to be a part of our “entanglement” [laughs hysterically].

From Left to Right: Raiden Ruiz, Daughter, Son and Ashlee at Seasons 52 of Albuquerque

What Inspired you to create a personal brand?

[Ashlee] We are pretty fly [laughs]. We want to be a family that not only represents fly ass-ery but also represents intelligence and motivated young families. We live our normal day to day lives but are always looking for ways to excel in our personal, family, and professional lives.

[Raiden] I am a product engineer and have created personal brands and done high level marketing for a lot of famous people. I said, “why not do that for myself?” That is exactly what I am doing now; creating a personal brand for my family in a real, authentic, transparent YouTube channel.

As an influencer what do you recommend your following to do when they are burned out?

[Raiden] Keep creating. Do not stop creating. Be consistent. Do not take the fun out of what it is you are passionate about.

[Ashlee] What do I do when I am burned out? [thinking] re-energize [laughs] I think figure out why you are burned out? Ask yourself some questions. Are you lacking motivation? Do you need a redirection? Do you need a break? Or do you just need a new weave and some acrylics? Listen to what your mind and body tell you, there is a reason for it.

Who inspired you to reach the levels of success you have?

[Ashlee] My parents have been huge motivators. They always wanted us to be more than they ever were. Anything less than successful is never an option. I come from a Hispanic family and was the first one to graduate from college. I became a nurse at 18 and worked my a** off ever since. The goal is to raise the standard for every generation, right?

[Raiden] This is about to get sentimental. My mom honestly showed me the way. She died two years ago, but that woman taught me everything about staying true to who I am. She gave me the gift of hospitality and showed me how to care for and love everyone. My son also inspired me to reach the levels of success I have. I always wanted to be the best dad in the world since I grew up without a father. I have always had a high level of intrinsic motivation that fuelled the fire for whatever I was trying to achieve. I knew through education especially that I could speed up the process of acquiring the resources to achieve things faster than normal.

How do you turn your passion into episodes?

[Raiden] Do what is on your heart and be true to yourself. Do not overdo it and do not be fake. Just be yourself and do not worry about how you look. People are emotionally intelligent and know when someone is being authentic versus fake.

[Ashlee] I love my family and the life I live, so making it fun is easy to do and we want to share that with everyone.

Compliments of Executive Chef Marc Quinones of Mas Y Tapas | Hotel Andaluz, Albuquerque. Logo Created by Artist Chelsey Moore.

What is your best advice for someone who wants to grow in any area of their life?

[Ashlee] Figure out who you are and what you want. Figure out what drives you and do not hold yourself to everyone else’s standard. Figure out what works for you and what type of person you want to become. For example, when you know the type of mom you want to be dive into that, listen to those podcasts, read those books, and follow those people so you have that acquired knowledge.

[Raiden] What I encourage people to tell themselves is to believe that they can make the impossible, possible. If you do not know how to do something, acquire the job and figure it out during the working process. Doing this forces you to grow. Become comfortable with the uncomfortable. If you need guidance or wisdom, then ask someone you admire to be your mentor. That is a great way to learn the qualities that you want to adopt and be cognizant of characteristics that you do not want to adopt for yourself personally.

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Raiden Apollo Ruiz – @theofficialraiden
Ashlee Rose Ruiz – @theashleerose

Do you have any special talents or abilities that have enabled you to come this far in business?

[Raiden] I can throw grapes up 20-30 feet in the air and catch them in my mouth successfully. Have you ever tried that with an M&M and literally broke your tooth? That always really scares me. [laughs] Let’s see… Special talents though for real. I am pretty good at Rugby, I played for the NMHU Vatos, UNM Lobos and Denver Black Dragons. I believe I am a strong extrovert and have a high emotional intelligence to be able to build strong networks with different discourse communities.

[Ashlee] [laughs] No. There is no talent that has got me far in business. I just know my intentions have and will always be good. So, in turn, that helps me form good relationships with people and helps with solid professional practices. Being a good, honest, and true person in your intentions will benefit you more and is the foundation to help to get you as far as you want to.