WA Guide to Home Loans Perth

In Western Australia (WA), there are many options available with the rising real estate market, and even more-so in Perth, which is one of WA’s larger cities. Therefore, you may be wanting to move here for numerous reasons, but nevertheless, you’re going to often need a home loan if you’re looking to buy a home, and more importantly, you’re probably going to have to find a broker since Australian banks are very reluctant to deny most average citizens that are wanting to get a home loan, or even refinance their homes.

Australia Can be Biased

When it comes to lenders in Australia and other banks, you need to realize that your various situations will affect your ability to get a loan directly unless you use a mortgage broker. Australian lenders actually aren’t supposed to discriminate, but if you’re older than 55, they are often pretty hesitant to give you one.

Not only that, but they prefer that you’re an actual resident, and your employment status also makes a humongous difference. And if you’re self-employed, you will want to be prepared to provide almost every single receipt that you have in order to make sure you’re meeting income requirements.

So How Can Brokers Help?

A mortgage broker is a trusted individual or company that often has the right tools, and relationships with their lenders to actually get you an approved home loan, refinancing loan, first time home buyers’ loan, and much more. Because they work directly and get paid primarily by the lenders themselves (on a commission of your loan), you can count on them to give you a great referral, and act as a good middleman between you and a home loan lender.

They’ll do much of the grunt work, the paperwork, and even try to get you the lowest rates possible if they’re a top-rated mortgage broker.

Should I Consider Locally or Further Out?

While you can literally go online and find any mortgage broker, if you’re in Perth, you want a local team of brokers to handle your transactions and information. They often have the better end of the draw when it comes to getting the loans you need, and they understand numerous values (such as family) as their primary basis for their reasons for operations.

Do They Really Give Better Rates?

If your mortgage broker isn’t worried about getting you the lowest interest rates possible compared to the main market, then you want to look for another broker or even lender. At the same time, keep in mind the type of loan you’re going to look for when you go in, and have all of your documents ready. Your broker can give you advice on anything you may need to get the best loan possible.


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