Why ClickASnap is the Only Game in Town

People use photo-sharing platforms for a multitude of reasons. Some use them to share photos with their friends, others to create a portfolio for their audience or even just to store their photos online to access in the future. With so many platforms to choose from, each one of them has its’ own pros and cons but today, we are just looking at ClickASnap and what makes it our favourite photo-sharing platform.

Rights Protection

When you share a photo on ClickASnap, you continue to remain the owner. You don’t give up any rights by uploading your photos to ClickASnap. Unlike other photo-sharing platforms, ClickASnap’s terms of use don’t give the platform the right to use your photos without compensation or your permission. If you are worried about losing rights to your photos and are looking for a photo-sharing platform that protects your rights to your photos, ClickASnap would be the ideal choice.

Build a Following

ClickASnap is a wonderful platform to build a following by showcasing your craft to the world. The site gets millions of views every day and that number is only growing. With so many eyeballs on your content, you have a great way to create a community of followers who share the same photographic interests as you. This is particularly useful for amateur and professional photographers who want to see what kind of response their photos get.

No Algorithms to Hide Your Photos

Most of the photo-sharing sites have some sort of algorithm or an interaction-driven system in play that actively suppresses one kind of content to give greater exposure to another one. These could be photos with marketing budgets behind them or those with a sheer amount of likes and comments. Both of such systems remain highly vulnerable to manipulation. ClickASnap uses a simple model where all of your photos appear in your followers’ timeline organically with no algorithms in place to hinder their exposure.

Get Paid for Sharing Your Photos

Streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify pay per stream/view. ClickASnap does the same thing but with photos. Any time someone spends at least 5 seconds looking at your photo, it becomes a qualified view that gets you paid. The more high-quality photos you share on ClickASnap, the more interest your photos will generate and greater will be the amount you receive from ClickASnap. Even though ClickASnap also has a marketplace where you can sell your photos, it also offers a convenient pay-per-view model that helps you make a living without actually selling your photos.

Whatever your reason to use online photo-sharing platforms, ClickASnap presents the ideal model to meet all your needs. It does not only help you grow as a photographer but also offers you the support that is only available to videographers and musicians.