Amel Elezovic Shared What Led him to Success in the Entrepreneurship

Amel Elezovic, a 17-year-old entrepreneur, software designer, and YouTuber has shared everything that has brought him to success in today’s time. According to the young entrepreneur, he has struggled a lot and met with failures numerous times. In the beginning years of his stepping into the business world, he encountered many financial losses but he didn’t give up on facing losses.

Amel added that he recognized his passion at an early stage of life and decided to become a software engineer and YouTuber. In a limited time-span, he achieved a lot of success and currently enjoys over 200,000 subscribers on one of his youtube channel, Nonsense Diamond. Amel Elezovic was born in Norway on 19th January 2002 and he saw his mother struggling to feed him, his brother and herself. On taking inspiration from popular entrepreneurs namely Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, he dropped out of school and started working on his dream.

According to him, it was a difficult decision for him but he had no other choice at that time. He found that school education was not guiding him to achieve success in the real world. The 17-year-old high school dropout is the owner and CEO of popular gaming software and he has been into the new for his creative content on youtube. Apart from working as a software designer and YouTuber, Amel Elezovic loves to travel across the world to work on his projects with big enterprises. He has advised that young entrepreneurs should recognize their passion and follow it desperately by putting in a lot of hard work to achieve the desired position in their life.