Andreas Szakacs pinnacle

The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money. Mr. Andreas Szakacs from Sweden devotes to a similar path and never cease to learn. He laid the foundation of his fiscal career around 2014 and today, he is the CEO of a FOREX trading platform, a Bank owner, a Venture Capitalist and an enthusiastic traveller. He currently chooses his abode in Dubai sitting on top of the life he built for himself.

He has worked for several large companies and institutions and have been an important role in the board meetings amounting to his substantial experience with European and offshore banking. Working extensively with European financial institutions and his expertise in the field has earned him the status of being an epitome for delivering financial advising to East European companies. Under his direction and mentorship, several start-up banks and financial institutions have been able to turn a seemingly impossible idea into a tangible banking system that benefits people around the globe, including developing nations.

An intensive experience working with European customers has given Mr. Szakacs a unique standpoint. When it comes to figuring out the primary challenges that clienteles face against money transmittals from one country to another. He has successfully driven to resolve financial complications for several customers. He is an avid financial investor in companies from the East European market. His strongest suit is banking in Europe and offshore with focus on money remittances between countries and specially in developing countries.

He is marking for his FOREX platform to hit one million satisfied clients by the end of 2021. He accepts as true – “All is happy, never satisfied.” He unleashes the potential of others to aid him build his own empire. He is a fortune teller of optimistic aura and prodigious communication skills among the masses and acknowledges it.

This travel bug has visited 60+ countries and treasures experiencing different cultures and learning from different people across the globe. A wholehearted philanthropist, he accepts as responsibility to help organizations like My big day & The fan foundation striving to eradicate poverty. His leisure pursuits include playing polo and swimming. His immense love for long drives also makes him an enthusiast for high performance cars. But as someone rightly said, “To own cars by oneself that turn heads, at first one’s work should do the same”.