Award-Winning Artist Samantha Messias Uses Her Past As A Motivation

Samantha Messias is an incredibly talented artist from Liverpool, England. Her early life was full of trauma, but she has somehow managed to turn all of this darkness into light through her art. She feels that all she has been through in her past has been a catalyst to say, “Don’t give up.”

Samantha feels like she has so much to give to this world. She uses her incredible gift to inspire significant positive changes, empowering women and children through her work. Art can be so influential in creating an enormous difference. Even if you don’t know who the artist is, you can understand them through their art and the message they left behind, and just by that, you can make a change through art.

Emotion Through Art

Samantha takes commissions for her art, but she also loves drawing people who inspire her. And both of these types of creations make her feel something powerful.

She loves giving that joy to people with commission pieces, and she thinks that is the best gift you can ever give somebody you love. So when she draws inspirational figures such as Nelson Mandela, Oprah, or Mother Teresa, it’s a joy and a privilege because of what they stand for.

Samantha has also started creating art with a political twist. After she posted her completed drawings for “My Childhood,” she received messages thanking her for being so brave and sharing the abuse children have to suffer. It’s like she gave her 5-year-old self a voice and called for help. And she is grateful that most of the comments were positive when she shared this piece. 

Strength From Adversity

Samantha’s motivation comes from herself and her past. She is keen to raise awareness about matters that few people want to talk about, but that affects far too many worldwide. Her life and the process of creating her art have developed through turning something dark into something light.

Art has always been Samantha’s way of speaking when words weren’t enough. She feels lucky to have found her purpose and what she loves to do in life. Some people find it early in life, some later, and some don’t know their purpose. A message that she would like to give you is that you are not alone. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Remember that your voice matters, and you are so much stronger than you think. Remember that you are so much more than your actual situation. You can lead a happy life again. Stay strong.

When Samantha lost her baby in 2020, the world became a desperate place for her, and she felt like giving up. But she thought, “What’s the point of going through all that trauma and just giving up now?” And that made her believe she could be someone else’s source of inspiration and help other people go through dark times and thinking this made her stay courageous and committed to her art and purpose because she knew that life would get better. 

”It’s the number of times we rise every time we fall that creates our resilient soul and courageous character,” Samantha explains. “Don’t let them win! You are enough. It wasn’t your fault what happened. I know it’s hard but remember you are loved, and you can add so much light and hope to this world if you continue to grow, learn, heal, live, laugh, love, share and thrive.”

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