Bikini Photo of Cindy Crawford gets Negative Remarks

Recently Cindy Crawford posted a picture of herself in a bathing suit on an Instagram post. The 53 year old iconic model showed off her beach body by leaning on a wooden lakeside pillar. To spice it up she also wore a stylish hat and sunglasses. The photo was captioned as “A little bit of lake light” with a sparkling emoji.

Crawford did receive many compliments for the photo some of which were positive though. But not many users were as receptive as she would have expected. The model was bashed for posing in a bikini at 53. She found herself on the receiving end of body-shaming with remarks. One reviewer expressed – ‘Getting a little old for this’ by adding a cringing emoji to the note. Some commentator wrote that “You are old now. I think that you are not living in reality.” Another unimpressed user mentioned that – “Trust me men do not foam at the mouth at a 55 year old women.”

Cindy did express her views on receiving gloomy reaction from her fans for posing nude at this age of 53. She convinced them by saying ‘it’s a different kind of beauty’.

The enthusiastic fans of Crawford swiftly responded to the nay-sayers who made negative remarks about her picture that was posted on 7th August. They assured the model that she had nothing to worry about it as she is still is a mentor for many girls.

There was a fan who wrote – “There are negative comments about this picture???? They must be a jealous bunch!” There was a comment from another supportive user which read as – “Go Cindy… they’re jealous. At present I am 80 but when I was 56 I did wear a bikini to swim in Greece but I did not look as good as you… YOU ROCK.”