Norwich Cathedral Installs 50-foot Helter-Skelter Fairground Ride

A 50 foot large helter-skelter fairground ride is installed inside Norwich Cathedral in the U.K. The idea is to help the visitors in Norwich, England to get a chance to experience the Cathedral in an entirely new way and open up conversations about faith. This endeavor is campaigned as part of the ‘Seeing It Differently’ project which aims to help visitors “see themselves, the building and God differently.” The ride will run from August 8 through August 18.

The visitors will now be able to slide down a 50-foot helter-skelter fairground ride which is installed in the nave, or central part of the church building. The Dean of Norwich – Jane Hedges is the first person in the queue to slide it down.

The Rev. Canon Andy Bryan informed the Telegraph that his visit to the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Italy inspired him to install the helter-skelter. People will have fun but there is seriousness also attached to it. Though it is playful in its intent but it is also profoundly missional. Here the fun would come in the shape of a helter-skelter and the seriousness comes in creating opportunities for reflective God-shaped conversations.

Also the Rochester Cathedral which is the second-old cathedral in England has installed a “bridge-themed” mini-golf course as an “innovative” way to attract more visitors. This helter-skelter installation comes at the same time with them.

A time-lapse video of its construction was shared by the church on Twitter which read as – “Wow. It is here. And it is big! Very BIG. Now Experience Norwich Cathedral in an entirely new way.

Well everyone in England is not thrilled with the additions to the cathedrals. Norwich Cathedral was criticized by Right Rev. Dr. Gavin Ashenden the former chaplain to Queen Elizabeth for making a “mockery” of God. In his interview with the Telegraph he remarked that “the Cathedral is obscuring to act as a bridge between people and God’s presence instead it is offering to entertain and divert people.”

According to religious commentator Tim Stanley – “The golf course and the helter-skelter are an act of desecration that is making Christianity look ridiculous.”