Content creator and emerging digital entrepreneur Abhay Pandya leaves the audience awestruck with his out of the box content

Coping up with the ever-changing trends and to understand the latest digital strategies of business growth are important to sustain in this dynamic world of the internet. Very few have the out of the box creative mind wherein they execute their ideas to create some exceptional content. One such budding name is Abhay Pandya, the promising name in the digital world who is making the right noise with his work. According to studies, nearly 75% of brands have dedicated their budget to influencer marketing. Bridging the gap between the brands and the audience, Abhay is rightly creating great value by promoting influencers, brands and business entities over the digital domain.

The young guy who is based out of Bhavnagar, Gujarat, learnt a variety of skills through online video tutorials. Now, Abhay has become a past master when it comes to digital solutions. An expert in social media marketing, strategizing digital campaigns and online advertising, he has helped many small-scale brands by boosting their presence digitally. As a content creator and a digital strategist, the entrepreneur has built many social media accounts that have a fanbase of more than millions. Some of his successful pages on Instagram include ‘millionaire_lines’, ‘successcharge’, ‘6amhacks’, ‘successcode’, ‘trollscasm’, ‘istudentsfacts’ and ‘the.confused.indian’.

These Instagram accounts have a cumulative network of more than 15 million, and Pandya has truly redefined that content is the real king on social media. With an array of content on the pages, he has made sure to have different types of content for different age-groups. Be it funny content, informative content or motivational content, Abhay has covered every aspect that works the best over the internet. What started merely as thought has transformed into reality, thus making Abhay one of the promising content creators in the country.

Abhay has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, but his creative talent took him on a path of excellence and entrepreneurship. The idea to create content on Instagram was coined by him during the last year of his college, and it has now done wonders for Abhay. Bringing ideas to life, his content picked up drastically just after two months of creating these accounts. The digital entrepreneur built a network of 200K followers in the initial two months, and since then, there has been no looking back for him. With the mammoth success, Abhay Pandya plans to create diverse content for his audience, and we can’t wait for what new he has in the store for his followers.