Derik Fay: The fastest growing entrepreneur with a heart of gold!

How often do you find a business organisation with the core motive- Give where you earn ? Not very often we reckon! Well, this is where Derik Fay, a Rhode Island native has created some new benchmarks for other entrepreneurs in the same domain.

Over the past two decades of his journey in the corporate world, Derik Fay has proved his prowess in a list of domains and sectors.


September 2002 – Present

3F Management, LLC – Owner (Primary “Umbrella Company”)

Mr. Fay owns and operates this venture capital, operational management, and acquisition firm. Since its inception, 3F has expanded by amassing a sizable portfolio of owned and managed businesses across all sectors. Over 30 businesses of various sizes are owned entirely or partially by 3F.

January 2008 – March 2020

Around the Clock Fitness Properties – Founder and Owner

Florida’s largest and most prosperous independently owned health chain was solely owned and managed by Mr. Fay. Moreover, it is the only brand in the fitness domain to achieve record-breaking net profits through the development and application of novel ideas. Besides, the firm has been indulged in several charitable initiatives over the past few years.

March 2014 – Present

Salon PLEX Holdings, LLC (Founder and Owner)

Salon PLEX has established itself as a high-value, low-cost approach to the booming Salon Suites business in USA. Right within no time, this firm became the fastest-growing salon suite concept in the USA. Even during the post covid era, Salon PLEX continues to achieve newer and bigger heights of growth.


Apart from his professional commitments, Derik Fay further take keen interest in a list of philanthropic activities to help the underprivileged. Here are some of his initiatives in this field:

Children’s Network of SW Florida

Board Member and Chairman of the Audit Council

Mr. Fay was appointed as the youngest board member and sole representative of Lee County. Nearly 2,500 orphans, abused, neglected, and abandoned children are under the board’s jurisdiction, and their rights, placement, protection, and legislative oversight comes as the biggest concern for the council.

Around the Clock Caring, Florida (Non-Profit)

Founder/ President

The sole motive of the program is to give families a second chance in terms of jobs, skills, and other life skills training.