Entrepreneur Roy Vanono shares the top 5 latest trends in home décor and lifestyle

When looking for items to furnish and decorate their homes with, lots of people check the latest trends in décor to get ideas for their homes. Roy Vanono, an entrepreneur and owner of a chain of home products stores, gives his take on the latest trends in home décor and lifestyle. 

Roy was born in 1983 in Israel. In 2015, he founded Jumbo Stock, a national chain of home products. He grew the business from one store to eight stores in different regions of Israel. In 2019, he launched an online shopping site. The site features all the products that are in the physical stores, and the price on both is the same. The online store was designed for the customer’s convenience; to enable them to shop for any products they need from the comfort of their home.

Jumbo Stock has a wide range of quality and affordable products that are designed with a customer’s home in mind. They stock various products for home décor and furnishing such as bedding, bathroom equipment, and kitchen equipment.

Jumbo Stock research on the latest trends in décor and lifestyle in order to have products in their stores that reflect those trends. Roy shares with us the top five latest trends in home décor and lifestyle that you can use to inspire you when furnishing and decorating your home. 

  1. Vintage accents – more and more people are adopting vintage and traditional detailing in their décor. Interior designers are incorporating one or two vintage pieces when decorating a room. 
  2. Non-white kitchens – for the longest time, most people painted their kitchen white and bought mostly white kitchen appliances. People are now moving away from white to having cabinets, islands or shelves painted in colors such as blue or dark red.
  3. Antique art – antiques are making a comeback, and this includes art on walls. 
  4. Curved sofas – people are moving away from boxy sofas and adopting ‘60s and ‘70s décor that includes curved sofas.
  5. Floral prints – more people are gravitating towards floral patterns, especially when used on wallpapers.

As someone who is always updated on the latest trends in order to provide clients with the best furniture and décor, Roy has some of the best advice on the latest trends to consider when furnishing your home. 

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