Entrepreneur Thomas Beggs Emphasizes How Investing in Bullion Shields You from Market Volatility

There are no short-cuts to achieving lasting success. However, well-integrated values go a long way in ensuring that you get noticed for all the right reasons. Values like honesty and integrity are like rare and exceptional gems in the mine of life. And as rare as these attributes are, they continue to shine their light through entrepreneurs like Thomas Beggs. As the President and CEO at Worldwide Precious Metals, Canada, Beggs is a well-respected authority on bullion. In this article, he emphasizes how investing in bullion shields you from market volatility.

Thomas Beggs has achieved the stature of a reliable industry expert who is recommended to, ‘anyone looking to grow their wealth by having a secure and sound investing strategy. Beggs has received numerous client testimonials for safeguarding his client’s interests and helping them understand the market through nuanced guidance and understanding his client’s goals. Beggs, it seems, understands the concerns of his clients well, especially now, when the pandemic is coursing through the veins of our planet, making us uncertain about our financial future.

“Almost every investor,” Beggs states, “is worrying about the falling interest rates and volatile equity markets right now.” Investment has never been for the faint-hearted, and now it’s putting many at their wits’ end indeed. Beggs is only too well aware of the crisis and how it can worsen due to a lack of knowledge or, worse, half-knowledge. “People who fear investing in bullion don’t know much about bullion,” he says. According to him, most people don’t understand that “Bullions move at an irregular and unpredictable pace compared to other market securities like equities and funds which makes them a better bet for hedging and a worthy asset.”

Talking about investing in gold bullion, he says, “Historically, gold prices have risen when the U.S. dollar has been weak.” And that they are likely to rise as the demand for Gold in China, India, and Russia grows. “Gold”, according to Beggs, “is not entirely immune to losses, but it’s your best bet when times get rough, especially because gold holds an inherent value across a time-frame. This ensures that its core value remains less affected during unfavorable changes in the market, making it a practical investment alternative.”

Similarly with silver, Beggs says, “there is an inherent value attached that remains more or less unaffected during market fluctuations.” He reminds potential investors that “silver is extensively used in photography and industrial applications that provide a continuous and consistent need for this precious metal.”

Apart from gold and silver, Beggs also believes in the long-standing powers of palladium, which he says is “used extensively for electronic purposes and technology, making it a metal that the foundations of the future will be built on.” Beggs’ optimism and enthusiasm in the face of crises undoubtedly carry an attractive sheen. While it’s true that these metals have historically been one of man’s best friends in times of crisis, it remains to be seen if history will repeat itself.