Once Laid Off In His 9-5, Now Owning Multiple Businesses At The Age Of 25, The Journey Of Ray Pang Si Heng

Ray Pang Si Heng is a 25-year-old near 7-Figure serial entrepreneur who is born in Singapore. Ray has always been good at academics in his primary school years but he consistently finds ways to go against the traditional system and norms because of his outspoken and rebellious personality. He used to steal cards from the convenience stores near his primary school and re-sell them to his school mates. That was the first point of entrepreneurship in his life, although he was severely punished and subsequently thrown out of the house for that. 

He realised early in his life that focusing only on academics doesn’t make him happy. Soon he started socialising, played football and engaged in activities outside of academics. All these skills laid the foundations towards helping him build his empire today. 

He discovered the qualities of being a leader during his time in the football team back in college. “I had to go through training, understanding team chemistry, communication, decisiveness, and having an unbeatable mindset. And that honed me to understand the importance of leadership,” he said.

After finishing college he was enlisted in the Singapore Armed Forces for two years. He tried to apply is universities but was unable to get into any due to his poor “A” Level results. Ray then moved to Australia, Monash University for further studies. Upon graduation, he got a full-time position at a FinTech Start-Up. He took on multiple roles for the company – operations, finance, partnerships, executive meetings, strategy sessions and many more. “I was working directly with the co-founders in a start-up company and began to learn the ropes on how I can start building my own business from absolutely scratch as well. What needs to be done, what kind of people you should be looking for, and being introduced to the many variables that a business owner should be focusing on. It was great!” Ray stated.

At present, Ray owns/co-owns multiple near 7-figure businesses. These are:

Speaker Agency

Addicted2Success Academy


“We help coaches, speakers, thought-leaders, build, grow, and dominate in their industry online using relationship-driven business developments, marketing, sales strategies and teams,” Ray remarked.

He says he chooses this as his career,” Because it’s a perfect space for me to never be in a place where my current state and future are at the mercy of someone else.”