Here are Some Tips to Know What is an Assault

In legal terms, we hear this term a thousand times, “assault” in day to day vernacular, may be a form of attack. But in legal terms, the word means something more. Assault and Battery mostly go hand in hand, and many people don’t even know the difference between them. Here is how you know if it is an assault or not.

Assault is when you are afraid that the person in front of you is physically going to hurt you. For example, if someone is walking down a street with a knife in hand, then it is not assault if you only fear for your safety. But if the said person comes at you with the knife and threatens bodily harm, then it is assault. And in such cases, you can reach out to Toronto’s best assault lawyer to mitigate the harm done.

The battery is when the person who threatens, does bodily harm to you. If an assault is completed, it is called a battery. Battery is mostly when a person harms you physically or hurts you offensively. Battery and assault may seem the same, but there is a slight difference between them.

Aggravated assault is another assault charge that means a person uses a weapon to harm you. It may be a knife or a gun, and aggravated assault means a person attacks you with severe intentions of hurting you, like rape or murder. This is officially a felony.

If a woman is walking to her home at night, and a man creeps up on her, uses brute force and knife to threaten her, and strips her clothes off with intentions to rape her. It is an aggravated assault that’s a felony with some severe repercussions.