Here’s Why MyCutTV Is the Go-To Video Sharing App of 2021 Founder Indi Wijay Explains

MyCutTV is a pioneer in the social video app space. The platform aims to disrupt the status quo by making it super-easier for content creators to boost earnings from video uploads. According to the platform’s founder and CEO, Indi Wijay, the social video app space is ready for a major shake-up that puts more money in content creators’ pockets.

The social media app enables anyone to earn money from video content views, completely ad-free. Wijay believes that the app offers real value to users by looking beyond the hierarchical model associated with traditional social networks. By flipping the script, MyCutTV is certain to revolutionize content monetization by boosting creators’ earnings potential.

Wijay views increased income as one way for content creators and others to change their perception when it comes to the value of video content. For this reason, he does not consider MyCutTV a typical social media platform. Instead, he labels the app a transactional platform that provides superior monetization opportunities.

As the founder and CEO, Indi Wijay’s vision is to spawn a new social media culture that eliminates the need for creators to accumulate multitudes of followers to attract advertisers. On the other hand, Indi wants to help influencers realize their dreams by providing a simpler way to manage their earnings and time.

Creating a Win-Win Situation

One of the best things about MyCutTV is that content creators can upload content for free. In addition, there is no need to worry about accumulating likes, subscriptions, or attracting advertisers. Eliminating these challenges allows creators to focus on producing high-quality video content.

According to Wijay, MyCutTV creates opportunities for anyone, regardless of background. The platform presents innovative ways for users to make money without ads. In addition, it democratizes video content monetization. Wijay created the video first social app after working in the entertainment industry for many years. He believes it takes an industry insider to find revolutionary solutions to monetize online content.

In the past, Indi pitched reality TV shows to broadcasters. This experience provided valuable insights into the video production world. MyCutTV creates an opportunity to offer creators a fair share of the pie for their creative efforts. In Hollywood, executive producers take the largest cut from the spoils, yet, creators work the hardest to generate high-quality content.

To turn MyCutTV into the go-to video sharing app, Indi needed to identify the ideal monetization model that provides real value for talented individuals. Thus, he conceived OnDemand fees and MyCutValue (a commission-based model) to eliminate the dependence on advertising, likes, followers, and subscriptions for users to start making money.

In doing so, he expects upcoming creators to spend more time producing the next big video content than trying to emulate successful influencers. Over the years, Wijay realized that talented individuals often overly focus on prominent influencers. This tendency can be distracting and counter-productive.

What Makes MyCutTV Standout?

Indi Wijay also recently outlined MyCutTV’s value proposition and unique features that make the platform different from YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and other video-sharing platforms.

Creators make money when viewers pay a one-time OnDemand fee determined by the content owner. The platform also allows creators to earn additional money when followers share the videos. This monetization model is more exciting because creators can still earn significant revenue, even if they have few followers. For instance, a creator with five followers benefits if one or more followers has thousands or millions of followers.

A video with an OnDemand fee of $1 can generate significant revenue without the need to generate millions of views. Likewise, if the same video attracts shares by followers, it can generate an additional income. Thus, creators can derive real value, depending on how deep followers share the content.

Wijay says these characteristics make the app a transactional platform as opposed to a social network. He likens MyCutTV to payment platforms like Venmo and Cashapp.

If a user’s followers rerun videos to a wider audience, the user will earn a notable commission. This type of windfall is unheard of on other video-sharing platforms, making MyCutTV a game-changer. Content sharing is a lucrative activity on the platform. Attracting followers with a large following creates a money-spinning cumulative effect, even for creators with less than ten followers.

App users leverage the incentive to view and share videos, creating a circle of high-value opportunities. Wijay says the MyCutValue monetization model makes it easier to hit the moon. The model boosts earnings potential much more than monetizing online video content through advertisements.

Putting Creators’ Needs First

MyCutTV undergoes regular improvement to ensure an excellent user experience. Indi Wijay and his team take users’ needs seriously; they integrate creators’ opinions into its long-term strategy. The team deploys advanced analytical tools to determine user preferences. It recently introduced a messaging feature that allows content creators to deliver new, private OnDemand videos to specific viewers.

Ongoing research and development place MyCutTV in a league of its own. Developers pay attention to detail to ensure a glitch-free experience for viewers and content creators. As a result, users enjoy quality content without the hassle of data sharing and other features associated with mainstream video-sharing platforms.