How Is ALECO AC & Heating Experts’ Unique Client Approach Making Them Win?

ALECO AC & Heating Experts is a premier heating and cooling company serving Sarasota and the surrounding areas. The company was founded in 1981 and has been a proudly family-owned and operated business for almost four decades. Currently, it is managed by Alexandre Prandecki, the managing partner of the family business. 

According to Alexandre Prandecki, they began as a small operation and a dream that has since developed into a thriving local firm that employs a team of numerous experienced specialists as well as extra support and management personnel. On the other hand, every team member has the same aim and motivation in mind: to provide consumers with the best services possible and a memorable customer experience.

The company’s representatives are available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help consumers improve their HVAC systems in their homes or workplaces. They speak Greek, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Polish and can help in any emergency situation.

Determination and Commitment

ALECO AC & Heating Experts is more than just a brand declaring that they provide the highest quality services and ease for the customers. They are determined by their rules and principles and do not deviate apart from their goals. Their focus on their goals and mission adds more meaning to their company.

The mission of a corporation is critical to its success in all areas. It assists the company’s founders in achieving a big goal. It provides employees a goal to strive for and offers them a sense of purpose. It also helps to establish a personal connection with customers by letting them know what the firm stands for. ALECO AC & Heating Experts understand its responsibility towards its audience and hence serve them with the highest quality and uncompromised services each time. 

The Unique Client Approach

For Alexandre Prandecki, management is a natural skill, which came to him naturally from his family having to run businesses for generations. But Alexandre Prandecki wanted to change an entire industry. According to him, “When I followed my father’s footsteps and entered the air conditioning and Heating field, which is plagued with fraud, scams and bad attitude, I knew that this was a tremendous opportunity. This would enable me to change an entire industry, impress customers and grow an incredible reputation very quickly in the State of Florida.”

Knowing this, Prandecki expanded his father’s business that he started in 1981, first by growing the Las Vegas air conditioning branch named to $5,000,000, and now he has plans to grow the Florida operation, ALECO AC & Heating Experts, to a whopping $50m in just 7-10 years. 

He further said that their unique client approach to winning customer satisfaction is simple. The company has two rules: rule number one is that the customer is always right, and rule number two is… if you’re not certain the customer is right, go back to rule number 1.

There is never a justified reason for a customer to voluntarily give them a bad review. The key to their success is to immediately and always answer the phones, fix any problems the same day and not give customers any attitude. 

They keep in mind that customers are making a substantial purchase by spending $5,000-$15,000 in a single day to have an air conditioning system installed. This is a big decision, so they deserve tremendous patience, a good attitude, and constant post-completion support and follow-up.

The hard work and constant determination to provide customers with nothing less than the best have made ALECO AC & Heating Experts the best one in the industry.