J. Scott Scheel: The Country’s Alpha in Commercial Real Estate Investment

Dubbed as the country’s leading investor, developer, educator, and speaker in the field of creative commercial real estate, J. Scott Scheel is truly a force to be reckoned with. The multifaceted entrepreneur has excelled in multiple ventures, but he is best known for both his achievements in commercial real estate and his efforts in educating others on how to achieve massive success in this dynamic and competitive industry.

Scheel is the founder of Commercial Academy, an institution dedicated to helping individuals achieve their financial dreams through commercial real estate investment. The academy provides people with everything they need to invest, from home study courses to innovative proprietary software. Aspiring investors as well as seasoned commercial professionals will find superb resources for every type of opportunity. 

Like most of his clients, Scheel began his commercial real estate journey with nothing but a vision. Lacking the finances to acquire or invest in commercial spaces, he nevertheless blazed a trail to achieve financial stability. After years of hard work, Scott now owns and manages over six million square feet of commercial real estate across the United States. He has also been hailed as the two-time Congressional Businessman of the Year by the Wall Street Journal. 

Scheel’s success has revealed to him a deeper purpose, discovering that he has discovered the knowledge to add tremendous value to properties and people’s lives. “In addition to generating passive income streams for myself and generations to follow and accumulating personal wealth, I was transforming communities,” Scott states.

He is humbled by seeing how his efforts in commercial real estate have improved people’s lives.  From creating better living spaces for families in multi-family dwellings, to constructing buildings that pave the way for new employment, creating jobs, and raising tax revenues for local governments, he is on a mission to share what he has learned along his journey.  Scheel now imparts this knowledge to his students through Commercial Academy. It allows them to grow their finances exponentially and efficiently. He envisions changing the country’s economic landscape by teaching one student at a time. 

“What I have accomplished can be done by anyone of any race, gender, age, physical condition, ethnicity, faith, or sexual orientation,” shares Scheel. Indeed, the commercial real estate landscape is a game in which anybody can excel and find success. He approaches the industry with immense passion and determination. Furthermore, Commercial Academy’s courses empower its students to take a leap of faith and reach for the lifestyle they truly envision for themselves.

“I continue to be an investor and developer, but it also brings me immense joy to teach and see so many of my students become exceptional investors and developers, utilizing the foundational strategies that I taught them, along with their own intelligence, commitment, experience and personalities,” he says. 

In addition to commercial real estate investment, Scheel is also involved in various business ventures such as publishing, feature-length motion picture production, commercial finance, energy resources and transportation, medical research and development, internet marketing, educational services, and more. 

He currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife and six beautiful children. The entrepreneur is an American of German, Irish, Slovenian, Croatian, and Italian descent.

Learn more about J. Scott Scheel on his website.