Journey and experience of a young, self –made millionaire, Nick Mocuta

Selling on e-commerce websites is a skill that most of us look forward to acquiring but only some of us are successful. It requires intellect, wise decision-making skills and a lot of patience. There are no shortcuts in this industry. Nicusor Rafael Mocuta is among the successful who has worked hard to learn the skills and make his mark.

Nick Mocuta born in Romania in 1984, has a dual Romanian- American citizenship. He completed his graduation from Business School in 2006.

Mocuta was 21 years old when moved to Los Angeles with only five hundred dollars in his wallet. He struggles to get adapted to the culture of the new city. After working at a low wage job, Nick rented an apartment. Soon he developed an interest in Real Estate. The industry was growing at that time and he decided to get his Real Estate Broker License. He worked as a broker for a while and gradually was gravitated towards e-commerce.

He began selling on Amazon and kept improving his techniques until he becomes the master of online selling. Mocuta now has been selling on amazon for the past 7 years and manages Amazon and Walmart stores for people that wish to sell on these platforms. As a tool to give back to society, he helps people start their online store and can help over 200 people. Mocuta stated,” I did it because I saw a huge opportunity in e-commerce and selling online. I wanted to be a part of it. The part that I can work from anywhere in the world is a big bonus”. He gives his clients quality service through his program, white-glove. He is praised for his work.

From years of experience, and being a self-made millionaire, Nick shares some of the tips to prevent procrastination. They are:

Letting go of the part: Holding on to pain doesn’t fix anything. Replaying the past over and over again doesn’t change it, and wishing things were different doesn’t make it so. Self-forgiveness will serve as an important factor to make you feel better about yourself and approach your impending work with more enthusiasm.

 Reward yourself: It’s important to reward yourself, and your team, as soon as you complete a key task or objective. Rewarding yourself for victories, big and small, will make a world of difference!

Ask someone to hold you accountable: Accountability keeps you striving toward your goals and reaching for your dreams it accelerates your performance by helping you make consistent, steady progress. Ask someone from your friends or family to check up on you and hold you accountable.

Minimize distractions: Eliminate any kind of distractions such as social media, group chats, and focus your mind towards only one task at a time. Set smaller goals, take proper sleep, practice mediation, to overcome such distraction and is needed to keep you focused towards your goals.

Make a to-do list: One of the most important reasons for keeping a to-do list is the organization. Organizing your tasks with a list can make everything much more manageable and make you feel grounded. Seeing a clear outline of your completed and uncompleted tasks will help you feel organized and stay mentally focused.

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