Justin Goff; From Deadbroke to a Solo Entrepreneur

Millions of Americans are in debt. People are drowning in all kinds of debt, from home mortgage debt, to credit card debt, student loans, consumer debt, plus so much more. Justin Goff was also in debt. He owed $1200 that he had lost gambling. In a bid to pay off the gambling debt, he set up a website and tried to make some sales. 

Goff wasn’t expecting anyone to visit his ugly website. Yet, someone bought his product, and the young man made his first $149. “It was at that moment that the dream of becoming an entrepreneur started looking like a reality,” says Goff. 

Goff transformed his life from a young American in debt to a multimillionaire. What’s even more impressive is that he did it all as a solo entrepreneur. We had a chat with him to learn from his journey. 

Justin Goff-Bio

Justin is popularly known as the Warren Buffet of Funnels. He helps companies convert from cold traffic. So far, Goff has worked with businesses such as Golden Hippo, VShred, Dan Lok, Paleohacks, Agora Financial, and many more. Yet, in 2010, this serial entrepreneur was dead broke. “I had one month of rent left and was living in a $250 apartment,” he says. 

Goff decided to transform his life. In 2014, he started a Supplement company, which he managed to develop from $1 million to $23 million in less than three years. Because of this success, Goff became a consultant with business giants such as Agora Financial, Dan Lok, Mike Geary, 4Patriots, Natural Health Sherpa, V-Shred, and many more. 

Goff started with affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing did well from the start, and he was able to make three figures. After spending some time in Affiliate marketing, Justin moved on to the fitness niche. He partnered with his trainer and wrote an ebook titled 31 Day Fat Loss Cure. From fitness, the ambitious youth moved on to becoming a freelance copywriter. “When I became a freelance copywriter, I was charging $250 for a sales page. These days I charge between $50,000 and $150,000, including performance bonuses,” he says. 

The journey to becoming a guru in copywriting and marketing was no easy feat. “I was stubborn when starting. I didn’t ask for help. However, this stubbornness led to consistent losses. It reached a point where I decided to seek out mentors,” says Goff.

Secrets to Success 

Goff’s secret to success is value. This entrepreneur set up a business that meets a need in the market. “I had to do extensive customer research. This action meant understanding my customer’s pain points, fears, and frustrations. Once I understood that I was able to create marketing content that positioned my brand as a leader in the niche,” says Goff. 

Indeed, Goff is a master in developing content that connects with the audience. Goff is the man behind the biggest marketing videos you see all over the internet. “Most people have clicked on one of the “1 weird tips to lose 3 lbs” ads that I’ve consulted on (there’s hundreds of these that I’ve helped within tons of different niches, but these would be ones people are familiar with),” says Goff. 

The second factor that contributed to Goff’s success is research. When he started, he watched marketing videos from a celebrated marketer known as Dan Kennedy. “I met Dan, and he gave me a bunch of his old courses and DVDs. I recall that he told me the videos would teach me everything that I need to know,” he says. Goff engaged in extensive research. This research helped him understand who the customer is and what they want. 

Goff paid attention to the feedback that he got from clients. “When you are selling to people who are different from you, you may not use the right tone or words that appeal to them,” he says. According to Goff, the best way to know if you are using the right language is to request feedback from your customers. This feedback will help you determine which areas you need to improve. 

Concluding Remarks:

Goff is a champion of success. He currently helps businesses bring in 200 to 1000 new customers daily from cold traffic. He also mentors aspiring copywriters. Two of the copywriters that Goff recently mentored moved from a 9 to 5 job to a $100,000 monthly paycheck.