Live Life the Correct Way, A Guide by Thais Gibson

Some of the most challenging and testing times in an individual’s life are when they are adults. This is most often due to the programming that individuals received in childhood surfacing to affect their relationships and daily life. To tackle these challenges, Thais Gibson, a personal development expert, suggests improving their understanding of themselves.

Shedding Light on Thais Gibson and her Personal Development Theory

Thais Gibson is an internationally recognized best-selling author, coach, co-founder of PDS: The Personal Development School, and is accredited in over 13 different therapeutic modalities. She has worked with thousands of individuals to empower them in their lives, relationships, and careers.

In her early adulthood, Thais personally struggled with her emotional well-being due to trauma she experienced. After years of research and empirically-based studies, she discovered that the roots of true change reside in the subconscious mind. Thais believe that if individuals decide they want to create change in their lives from a conscious level, they will often find themselves repeating negative patterns in their lives and not understanding why the same things keep “happening” to them. This is because they have not engaged the subconscious mind in their transformational process – if the subconscious mind is not involved, one cannot positively orient 97% of their thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

According to Gibson, most challenges in life arise due to a lack of understanding of what is required to live a satisfying, peaceful, and prosperous life. Thais advises people to use their conscious mind’s power and voice and examine the filter that the unconscious mind has put in front of them.

Gibson’s belief in disseminating the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind has led her to publish her book ‘The Attachment Theory Guide.’ This book expands greatly upon traditional Attachment Theory, which explores how early childhood experiences affect adulthood relationships to others and oneself. She illustrates how the subconscious can perpetuate negative patterns in one’s career, relationship, and emotional well-being. She then hands over the essential and life-saving tools that one needs to update their subconscious mind to serve them in creating a healthier and more harmonious life.

There are thousands of ways personal development skills can benefit people’s lives. For example, personal development courses can challenge the ‘fixed mindset’ and limiting beliefs of people. Limiting beliefs can create challenges when moving forward in life, and result in the repetition of negative patterns. This kind of behavior can be seen in people who are struggling from getting over a past relationship, or feel “stuck” in a job. Gibson Integrated Attachment TheoryTM is the perfect tool to help individuals overcome these situations. Thais focuses on developing a self-reflection tool that equips a person’s mind to handle inevitable challenges that arise in the lives of many.

Personal development skills can also be a great help in building self-esteem. Thais Gibson’s personal development tools also empower people who struggle to appreciate their self-worth and set effective boundaries in their life. Her therapeutic methods of understanding and utilizing the subconscious mind have proven to be life-changing!