MBC show host Sofia Saidi looks every bit of a star

Sofia Saidi’s gown spice decks were hovered out by the minimal golden jewellery that she wore on the red carpet which counted an unrealistic whiff and playful texture to the otherwise simple yet striking silhouette of hers. Styled by Virgenie Pineda the star wore a look from the Sara onsi collection.

To match the vibe of her saucy fit, Sofia tousled her hair and kept it down, tumbling over her back. Meanwhile, she kept her makeup dreamy and luminous. Her bejewelled necklace, ring and earrings were the sole touch of glimmer and a subtle one at that and the cherry on the cake was her genteel satchel from the exceptional craftsmanship of Irisnobleparis. The shimmery texture of the genteel purse she was carrying sparkled with every moment, capturing the light and illuminating her necklace with mesmerizing brilliance. The combination of her gown and the exquisite necklace created as harmonious and captivating as it could get, a styling brilliance one could say.

And undoubtedly Cannes 2023 red carpet came alive with an ethereal sheen as Moroccan beauty diva Sofia Saidi graced the event in a breathtaking fashion ensemble and she looked every bit of a star on this occurrence. Even at the most spellbinding of events, Sofia Saidi has constantly been relatable.