Mo Abboud: Dropshipping made me Rich, Real Estate is Going to make me Wealthy

Mo Abboud, an entrepreneur and realtor, has left a strong message with his success in the business world. Despite facing many personal hardships and financial constraints, Mo Abboud has achieved a mark that most entrepreneurs only imagine. He says that dropshipping had helped him overcome his financial problems and made him rich.

Currently, he is into the real estate world and he is smoothly sailing forward using the right tactics for growth. Mo Abboud believes that real estate has a lot of growth opportunities and it is going to help him in accumulating a lot of wealth into his pocket.

Born on 1 March 1994, Mo Abboud spent his life till 13 in Syria and he moved to Northern Virginia in 2007. During his growing years, he had seen his family struggling to manage sufficient money for survival which made him work even when he was in his school or college. His first job was at McDonald’s and he took it to support his family.

Mo Abboud has tried many things in his career to witness immense growth. He had worked as a social media marketing expert to help businesses grow in the digital world. The entrepreneur also opened up a music studio in Burke VA. In the year 2017, he entered the dropshipping world after inspiring by his friend who made 60K in 2 months with his online store using the dropshipping method.

It helped him save big on product cost and storage as he didn’t have to buy the product up front. In a matter of 3 months, Mo learned about dropshipping using YouTube videos and with the help from the Shopify app. Mo Abboud created a couple of successful online stores such as

Mo Abboud considers Ghassan Abboud, a Syrian billionaire as his role model. Currently, he is involved in the real estate sector and he is doing well as a realtor. He is working as a real estate agent with Samson Properties in Chantilly, VA to provide home buyers and sellers professional real estate services. Mo Abboud loves to hustle over the internet and he utilizes the trending subjects to make money out of them.

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