More Businesses Show Less Confidence in their Data Recovery Plans

A large number of businesses are becoming victims of cyber threats and the numbers are continuously increasing. Among all the cyber attacks, ransomware attacks are on the rise and there are many businesses that have lost their data and faced money extortion.

To avoid cyber threats, it is more important for every single organization and the people involved in the IT work to make their backup and recovery systems more advanced so that they can use it when the disaster strikes.

Databarracks is a business continuity company that has conducted a new survey on 400 IT decision-makers. From the survey, the company found that only 35% of UK businesses have complete confidence in their existing disaster recovery plans.

Databarracks conducts this survey every year and the company has found that there is not much progress in disaster recovery and backup plans by the businesses, even when there are a number of cyber threats occurring around the world. The businesses are required to opt for top data recovery tools to prevent cyber threats.

Out of 400 IT decision-makers, 8% have concerns about their disaster recovery plans and 53% were moderately confident but complete confidence is required to avoid the cyber threats. There were 49% who have complete confidence in their backup capabilities. A company does not have a good backup plan if it has stored all the data in the same place because a natural disaster can breach it without any effort.

The survey has also found that 23% of the businesses don’t have offsite backup, which is a much concerning factor.