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More than 75 per cent of Steiner schools across the UK are failing to provide a decent education, Ofsted inspectors announce

Over 77% Steiner schools located in the United Kingdom are failing to provide decent education, announced Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills).

The watchdog initiated inspection this year on schools which were favoured by many parents that prefer less firm education for kids.

They pursue the theory of Australian-philosopher Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner, which gives importance to child creativity as well as their intellect.

However, of the 26 Steiner schools- 4 state-run and 22 private-  that were inspected, Ofsted discovered serious issues in a few. Though 6 schools were rated as good, 13 were rated inadequate while 7 were judged to need improvement.

Overall, around 77% of Steiner schools are believed to be not good enough than compared to just 15% of the state-run schools.

Amanda Spielman, Chief Inspector, Ofsted has sent a letter to Damian Hinds, Education Secretary saying that the performance of the Steiner schools remains poor overall and that there are weak areas which are required to be dealt with.

In total, 3 quarters of Steiner schools were judged to have ineffective safeguarding, and these problems were major ones. On the other hand, less than one third of the schools that were inspected had good teaching, assessment and learning.

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