Musician Vince Lajan Has Scaled High In Life

A boy who used to deposit 100 dollars in his bank account to maintain it, now has a multi million balance. The career of this oldest boy of 3 children of a single mother has not been a linear one. There have been ups and downs when the financial freedom in life felt unattainable.

When Vince was 16 he got his first job to support his family but he soon realized he cannot expect to achieve his desired lifestyle if he doesn’t ‘own’ something. Vince explains, there was always one word rotating around him- own, which meant one needs to have and build something of their own to be successful and depending on a salaried job won’t get him opportunities.

Vince began looking for new opportunities, working from home, and discovered Entertainment Consulting which led his career to skyrocket like never before. His client Amazon is already a household name and ecommerce market share Entertainment Consulting is being projected as the one which will have a wider reach in years to come.

Today Vince is living the laptop lifestyle having spent the last six years coaching and managing consulting accounts for his clients. The man has scaled to a different level where he now has  a team of over 400 assistants who are achieving $6-10 million in sales every passing month.