MVP Dclark Dreams of Shining in the Basketball World Post Winning the Armenian League Championship

Overseas player Darious Clark has stunned everyone with his remarkable performance in the basketball world. Last month, Dclark participated in the 2021 Armenian League Championship. With his stellar performance, Dclark made the Vahakni City team clinch the Armenian Championship.

He didn’t just show his remarkable defense skills but also impressed everyone with his strong leadership spirit. By taking the lead, Dclark contributed to Vahakni City’s win by scoring an average of 24.3 points per game.

During his play in the TBT on ESPN, Dclark scored 19 pts and 13 rebounds. Besides, he guided a completely inexperienced and fresh team to win the championship title. And the overseas player helped the Vahakni City win the match with a league-best score of 30-7.

After returning home post the Armenian League Championship, Dclark has big plans to shine in the basketball world. On his future target list, the overseas player is preparing for the Big 3 tournament, a 3-on-3 professional basketball league. Though the Big 3 draft already happened, since the season is still ongoing, he has high hopes of still playing the game.

To show his strong talent, he aims to create his place either in the NBA or Euroleague. Born in Washington, D.C, he was raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Since the age of 11, Dclark has been playing basketball and he only believes in playing the game without focusing on the game stats. As a result, the high-scoring shooting guard has gained huge respect in the basketball world.

And he has earned titles such as Finals MVP, Allstar Game, MVP, etc., for his excellent basketball performances in the sports world. Learn more about him by visiting his social media handles.

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