Nicky Taschew: With his resilience and passion has become one of the leading most financial entrepreneurs in recent times

As a co-founder of VolumeX, he has taken the educational e-portal to greater heights in terms of success and recognition.

As individuals sometimes we don’t know what certain journeys would mean to us. This is because life sometimes places us with opportunities only at the right time at the right place and with the right people. It is these little moments in life that can sometimes prove to the turning point in one’s career and make him/her enter a different world altogether that speaks of growth, happiness and success. Similar is the story of a young talented mind, all of only 25 years of age, Nicky Taschew from Munich, Germany. His life took a turn when he took a road trip and this trip changed his life completely as it made him meet some new people who introduced him to the business of network marketing. Leaving aside his aspiration to make a career as a table tennis player, Nicky decided to try his luck in the new business field of network marketing, while still studying international business and psychology.

A few years in the industry also meant for Nicky many ups and downs; however, he kept learning anyway and by 2015 he was introduced to a similar affiliate business but this time with Bitcoins. This decision of his life has proved to be a crucial point in his career, which later helped him to co-own his current company. For three consecutive years from 2015-2018, Nicky along with his friend made more than 15 million in sales with selling multiple Bitcoin investments for various other companies.

Gradually the confidence grew and then they came up with their own company in 2017 to also leverage the volatility that the Bitcoin market offered and turn this on their side to make it their most significant advantage. This resulted in the formation of what is today known as ‘VolumeX’ ( The company stands strong in the saturated market as the most major e-learning portal that teaches thousands of people and affiliates about financial growth and also offers them services that provide them with various techniques and increases their knowledge for creating a proper income.

The company which initially aimed at exploring only the European markets today has become the most sought after online financial platform across the globe. In fact, Nicky who serves as the Head of Marketing and the astute mind behind the creative content, business strategies and market moves of VolumeX also has confessed of planning to expand their business in 2020 to more international clients and business partners.

Nicky is also behind the guidance and mentorship of their many distributors and affiliates and believes in changing their lives for the better with a one of a kind education portal that promises to lead people towards financial independence and happiness by making them learn the art of trading, while still having control over their money.

With VolumeX, Nicky and his business partners have created an innovative affiliate system and software that helps individuals to develop another income stream for themselves. The weekly content they provide through their educational system has helped all their customers in ways more than one. With this, Nicky says that they also provide online seminars, workshops and events that make people quickly learn the new topics.

Nicky, with his passion and innate skills as the sales and marketing strategist with his professional team has transformed the lives of many by providing them with knowledge, making them better individuals in all areas.

In the near future, Nicky sees his company making 10 million gross revenue and looking out for the next 10,000 customers (they are already a community of 10,000 loyal customers). All his life, Nicky has found motivation from the fear of not getting respected. Hence, for this, he built a strong personal brand and a work ethic which inspires the world to take risks and think out of the box.

Nicky Taschew’s resilience, passion and hard work, indeed made him the success story, changing the lives of many others as well with his business.