Post Brexit, UK Spouse Visa Application will be Mandatory for Even EU Nationals

The number of application made for the UK Spouse Visa are expected to rise dramatically after Brexit. At present in order for a spouse or partner to join their partner in the UK, anybody from outside of the Europe has to apply for a UK Spouse Visa. Europeans are currently exempt from this requirement and come to the UK without a need for a spouse visa. However after Brexit, this will change and a UK spouse Visa will also be required by European nationals to settle in the UK as a spouse or a partner.

According to 121 immigration lawyers, it will be made mandatory for even the EU nationals to meet the strict requirements of UK Spouse Visa. This type of visa allows a person to live in the UK with his partner only if the latter is either a British citizen, settled in the UK, or has been given refugee status/humanitarian protection.

To apply for this visa the applicant needs to meet certain financial requirement such as having a minimum income of 18,6000 pounds per annum or having savings of £62,500. Apart from the financial requirement, an applicant needs to fulfill the English language requirement, tuberculosis test (if on TB list of countries), accommodation and relationship requirements. And all the required documents need to be scanned and submitted while applying for the UK spouse visa on the official website of UK immigration

The total cost of applying for a UK Spouse visa stands around 2700 pounds, this is the what the UK government charges and doesn’t include the cost of an Immigration Lawyer. In comparison, the current application for a European national living in UK to bring his non European partner to the UK is free and the only requirement is that they are married or have lived together for two years.

UK based immigration advisors 121 Immigration Lawyers are advising European Nationals to formalise their stay in the UK by applying for EU settlement scheme as early as possible and to take advantage of the EU family permit, while it is still around in order to bring over their non eu national spouse or partners to the UK.