Raw Chicken Served at KFC, Claims a Customer

Apparently, KFC outlet in Annandale, New South Wales had served raw chicken to a woman. The Australian woman Rosi Lancaster shared photos of the pink meat on KFC Australia’s Facebook page claiming that the entire order appeared to be made up of raw meat. So far this post has received over 5,000 reactions and 16,000 comments.

The lady posted the image with the caption- “Purchased on Friday from KFC Annandale. Then I quickly informed them over the phone about the mishap. The girl on the receiving end of the phone seemed interested and requested me to email photos to them and expect them to call her back. Unfortunately there is no call back and no response from them as yet.”

A spokesperson for KFC Australia in his statement to Fox News apologized about the incident and said – “We’re extremely sorry to hear about this. The act doesn’t meet our very high standards of food safety. We are in touch with the customer and are offering a full refund. Meanwhile we are undertaking a full review of the incident to understand as to what has exactly happened.”

Well in the past also such incidents have occurred and this isn’t the first time someone has claimed to get oddly colored chicken from KFC. A woman in the United Kingdom alleged that she was served green chicken from the fast-food place sometime in June.

This lady Chanelle Jackson informed The Sun that – “As soon as she looked inside she got a feeling that it wasn’t right and fortunately she did not took a bite of it. Though I’m not sure why it was that color but because I am 30 weeks pregnant I was not keen to take the risk and also I was going to share it with my 15-month-old daughter. I wonder what would have happened if she had eaten it. We checked the rest of the chicken, but only this one piece in the entire lot had that color.”

However, KFC in their statement given to The Sun claimed that – “The chicken looked worse than it actually was. Occasionally sometimes such pieces come as a result of dealing with fresh chicken. We apologize for Chanelle’s experience. Our team had immediately offered her a refund when they happen to notice the episode.”