Resilience and consistency is key to success proves digital expert Shailen Vandeyar

This New Zealand based entrepreneur is everything that brands and creators need today to grow them and help them taste success.

Almost everything today is at the tip of our fingers, you ask why? Well, even the kid in our house knows the value and the significance of the online world. Businesses that once only depended on other forms of marketing and advertising today have increasingly shown interest in growing their firms and improving upon their brand value in the market with the help of social media and the overall digital world. However, for them to excel in their businesses, they also need experts who can easily enhance their image and brand recognition in the online space with their advertising, branding and marketing efforts and strategies. This is when young talents like Shailen Vandeyar come into the picture.

Vandeyar is a true example of an online consultant, digital expert and entrepreneur who has fully optimized the social media platforms who prove the world the real power of social media and how useful they can act to take a brand and business towards success. Vandeyar created the most extensive account on TikTok and named it @Laugh, which today stands strong as the most prominent media publishing accounts.

Vandeyar started his career by founding ‘GadgetsYouNeed’, which had made a massive name as an online e-commerce brand all about gadgets at economical rates. The brand grew famous on social media platforms and this success led the firm even endorse and promote various Kickstarter products.

The young entrepreneur completed his studies doing his majors in information systems and marketing from the Auckland University of Technology. The success he garnered at a very young age as an entrepreneur also allowed him to work with some of the most esteemed companies worldwide. Today, Vandeyar with his firm “VG Media” which is a full purpose digital marketing firm helps all his clients like creators, media houses and entities, etc. to lead them towards the path of growth, monetization and success by getting them nearer to their business goals.

Vandeyar is seen as one of the most ingenious and highly talented digital experts who is also the branding genius behind the success of many creators and brands. He has also successfully strengthened the influencer network across Australasia. With his passion and unremitting efforts, Vandeyar has helped his clients with inventive and contemporary strategies like SEO, brand endorsements, organic and paid traffic, social networking and many other robust services.

His phenomenal internet presence and his success rate allowed Vandeyar to work with established creators like Marty and Michael, Jimi Jackson, Michael Fallon and Neil Henry and manage their accounts by creating various innovative opportunities to monetize the audiences and followings of the creators and generate more engagement.

His account on TikTok @Laugh has earned 1.2 million followers and this has made Vandeyar a digital marketing extraordinaire. Apart from the rising presence he enjoys on TikTok, Vandeyar also has garnered a colossal number of audiences across other social media platforms as well like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Shailen Vandeyar apart from his love for business is also passionate about mentoring, teaching and motivating many others to go beyond their limits and continuously strive to achieve their desired goals. He indeed proves that resilience to keep working in an ever-evolving and growing market industry and consistency to keep coming up with novel strategies and concepts is what an individual needs to work upon to achieve success.

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