The Life of Michel Dahyana

Michel Dahyana is a very successful model and business woman with a huge social media presence and is very popular in the modeling industry and has an impressive financial portfolio.

Despite all of Michel’s successes, she had a very humble birth and upbringing. Michel Dahyana was born and raised in Bogota, which is the capital of the Cundinamarca province in Colombia. When she was 14 years old, she moved to Medellín after her family made that decision, and that is when she started having dreams of bigger and better things that a small town could not offer her.

So at the age of 14, Michel Dahyana began dreaming of becoming a catwalk model and won a string of modeling events due to her beauty and elegance.

As she grew older, she formed a relationship with the father of her child, and they stayed together for 3 years (between the age of 15 and 18). But, at the age of 18, Michel decided to end the relationship in order to pursue a better life with a brighter future.

Michel’s first step to establishing herself in the world of modeling was becoming a webcam model at the age of 18. This was well-timed and soon became a top model in 2017 by working between two different websites – CAM4 and Chaturbate in 2018. Also, Michel has made an appearance on the TV program and many other successful stations.

Michel’s career has been very successful! She is still a webcam model and becoming more successful by the day. You can check out her Instagram page to find out more about her work and her upcoming appearances – or subscribe to her Onlyfans page –

Michel Dahyana has a huge following on Instagram with 591k+ followers, which grows by the day! Her posts often go viral as they receive a huge amount of attention with hundreds of thousands and comments. Building up such a large and interactive following is much harder than it seems, and Michel Dahyana has managed to do it.

Right now – Michel Dahyana is considered one of the most beautiful and continuously triumphant models despite many hurdles getting in her way such as the multiple attempts of identity theft.

Also, Michel Dahyana thrives on the pressure that comes with being a model as it motivates her to work hard to better her status as a model and her future.

However, Michel Dahyana does not limit herself to modeling, she is becoming very respected in the world of real estate and investments. She is building a rather impressive portfolio, which can be admired even in the very competitive sector of real estate.

The combination of Michel’s beauty and smarts is impressive for someone so young, and her determination for securing a strong and bright future is very admirable. Follow her on social media to keep up with her brilliant journey!

If you want to check out her Instagram for yourself, then you can follow her on Instagram @dahyn1xoficial