Rock Artist Starliner’s Debut Single ‘Never Satisfied’ is a Strong Dose of Motivation

Dillan Dostál, a rock music artist, known with his artist name Starliner has come up with his debut single ‘Never Satisfied’. The new single is a strong dose of motivation and it exhorts everyone to achieve more in life. 

The lyrics and music of the song, ‘Never Satisfied” bring a wave of freshness and dynamism to every listener. Starliner has captured all his emotions, real-life experiences, and dreams into this song. The track has got a rock influence and a modern approach that takes listeners to a new energy level.

In the song, ‘Never Satisfied’, Starliner has started his journey as a solo artist. The composition of this track consists of rock-inspired guitar playing, powerful drums, and vibrant synths. Starliner has very well crafted different elements of rock music and pop sound to give this masterpiece track for his listeners.

Dillan Dostál, popular as Starliner in the music world is based in Houston, Texas. It is his deep passion for music since his young age that inspired him to learn guitar. Slowly, he developed an interest in rock music and he is touring in bands since then. 

The artist was a member of The Drugstore Gypsies, a touring rock band featured in publications like Rolling Stone. With the energetic song, “Never Satisfied”, Starliner has begun his music career as a singer and he is set to come with new music releases this year. By the end of this year, he is also set to drop his first solo EP, 20/20.

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